Cyber Intelligence Expert's Firm Launches New Security Tool to Detect and Defend Threats to Critical National Infrastructure

The Bellwether Group | October 28, 2021

Timed to coincide with the new U.S. focus on cyber security in the critical infrastructure, The Bellwether Group introduces VAULT Systems, a custom hardware and intelligent software platform capable of visualizing data and detecting, defending and mitigating cyber threats to critical national infrastructure.

The announcement coincides with the July 28, 2021, National Security Memorandum issued from the White House that targets cybersecurity threats as "the most significant and growing issues confronting our Nation."

"The Memorandum establishes a voluntary initiative intended to drive collaboration between the federal government and the critical infrastructure community to improve the cybersecurity of control systems. VAULT Systems can help the critical infrastructure community improve their cybersecurity posture,Critical infrastructure includes electric, water, oil and natural gas, transportation, food and beverage distribution, as well as interconnected systems such as maritime and port operations, air traffic control, and dams.

The Bellwether Group CEO and founder Tim Teal

"We are launching VAULT Systems custom hardware and intelligent software platform, specifically designed to decipher, monitor and protect critical infrastructure," said Teal. The new VAULT Systems leverages best-in-class ICS (Incident Command System) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) equipment data collection and visualization tools from IoT International, as well as custom cyber network defense and forensics analytics developed by The Bellwether Group, Inc. This combination will enable operators to monitor equipment, and identify and actively deter cyber threats in real time.

Teal recently retired from the U.S. Cyber Command as the Director of J6/J8/J9 of the Cyber National Mission Force at US Cybercommand. He was also a founding member of the National Security Agency's "Hunt Mission," which deployed tactical tools and capabilities to detect and eradicate network adversaries across the Department of Defense. This background and knowledge of cyber operations and defense enables The Bellwether Group to add unparalleled tools and capabilities to protect critical infrastructure.

About The Bellwether Group
Founded two years ago by U.S. cybersecurity expert, Tim Teal, the Bellwether Group is a veteran-owned and operated small business in Maryland. In addition to VAULT Systems, The Bellwether Group also has a custom hardware and software product line called Vimana™. The Vimana™ platforms are designed to support cyber operations globally through advanced artificial intelligence situational awareness software and state of the art cyber tools.


Cloud-based management from Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers many advantages for both data infrastructure and the data itself. Data Services Cloud Console (DSCC) is the HPE cloud-based application for current and future data and storage management.


Cloud-based management from Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers many advantages for both data infrastructure and the data itself. Data Services Cloud Console (DSCC) is the HPE cloud-based application for current and future data and storage management.

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Contrast Security | February 02, 2023

On February 1, 2023, Contrast Security (Contrast), a leading code security platform, announced the launch of its new partner program, the Security Innovation Alliance (SIA), a worldwide ecosystem of system integrators (SIs), cloud, channel, and technology alliances. SIA's mission is to provide customers with unrivaled, fully integrated application security solutions from Contrast and its strategic alliance partners, which include Amazon/Amazon Web Services (AWS), GitLab Inc., Microsoft, VMware, Armor Code, PagerDuty, Zimperium, Anchore, Wallarm, Neosec, Noname Security, Ermetic, Cloudwize, BLST Security, ProtectOnce, Scribe Security, Wiz, and Legit Security. Furthermore, the team will concentrate on expanding collaborations with SIs, technology providers, and independent software providers (ISVs). SIA and Contrast's robust strategic partner integrations will not only enable partners to integrate with the Contrast Secure Code Platform seamlessly but will also enable clients to realize the following benefits: To use Contrast's services confidently as part of a more extensive program for application security (AppSec). Increase the predictability of security and decrease the risk of implementing new code and AppSec technologies. Increased trust and confidence in already implemented technologies. SIA is designed to boost its partners' business capabilities to satisfy AppSec clients' demands. Contrast collaborates with each partner to deliver a customized experience that meets their specific interests and business requirements, including a streamlined onboarding process, joint marketing campaigns, integration support and access to the company's impressive install base. SIA is led by Goodman, a seasoned Alliance professional, and several other industry leaders, including Tracey Mead, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, System Integrators; Frank Gasparovic, Director, Ecosystem Engineering; Rachael Mott, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, Technology Partners; Callie McCormick, Global Director of Channel Sales; and Ram Yonish, VP of EMEA Alliances. About Contrast Security Founded in 2014, Contrast Security is a leading code security platform firm purposely created for developers to get secure code flowing quickly and trusted by security teams to protect business applications. With Contrast, developers, security, and operations teams can swiftly secure code across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to defend against today's targeted Application Security (AppSec) threats. It also provides free security testing to all developers through CodeSec. Established by cybersecurity industry experts to replace old AppSec solutions that cannot secure modern organizations, the company defends its customers from major cybersecurity attacks, which include some of the world's top brands, such as BMW, AXA, DocuSign, Zurich, Sompo Japan, and American Red Cross, as well as several other prominent leading Fortune 500 companies.

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WatchGuard Announce Unveiling New Line of Firewall Products

WatchGuard Technologies | February 20, 2023

WatchGuard® Technologies, an industry leader in unified cybersecurity, has recently announced the launching of new tabletop firewall appliances: Firebox T25/T25-W, Firebox T45/T45-POE/T45-W-POE, and Firebox T85/T85-POE. By leveraging WatchGuard's Unified Security Platform® architecture to provide comprehensive security and streamlined management through WatchGuard Cloud, these new firewalls are built to give the performance that distributed, and remote business environments require to protect themselves against the latest network security threats. WatchGuard's new Firebox product line, which features increased memory and processing speeds for improved throughput, enables WatchGuard partners, MSPs and IT administrators to protect branch offices, office equipment, retail point-of-sale (POS) software, remote devices, and remote users from complex and emerging threats with minimal network configuration and management overhead. "This new generation of Fireboxes takes full advantage of our Unified Security Platform architecture, enabling MSPs to provide the robust solutions and simplified management they require to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and deployment scenarios," said Ryan Poutre, Product Manager at WatchGuard Technologies. (Source - GlobeNewswire) Key features for the new Firebox products include as follows: WatchGuard Firebox T25/T25-W: Offer small offices, home offices, and retail environments with stand-alone or centrally managed protection with complete enterprise-level network security. WatchGuard Cloud's zero-touch deployment enables speedy setup at remote sites to ensure a secure connection. WatchGuard Firebox T45/T45-POE/T45-W-POE: Provides stand-alone or centrally managed enterprise-level protection to small and medium-sized businesses. Improves visibility into network activity and security events. Offers flexible management tools that facilitate faster and more secure business connection setup at remote locations. WatchGuard Firebox T85-POE: Provides enterprise-level security with high performance that evolves with the network requirements. It offers users with two Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) ports that enable power to peripheral devices. About WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. WatchGuard® Technologies, Inc. is one of the leading companies in unified cybersecurity. The company's Unified Security Platform® is a unique way for managed service providers to get world-class security that helps their businesses grow and move faster while making their operations more efficient. Its award-winning products and services include network security and intelligence, multi-factor authentication, advanced endpoint protection, and secure Wi-Fi. They are used by more than 17,000 security service providers and resellers to shield more than 250,000 customers. The company's headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, and it has offices all over North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

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Contrast Security | February 24, 2023

On February 23, 2023, Contrast Security, a leading code security platform, announced the expansion of its contrast serverless application security tool, Contrast Serverless, to support Microsoft Azure Functions and allow customers to quickly scan for security vulnerabilities across multi-cloud environments. While serverless and cloud-native development gains popularity, organizations struggle to determine which applications are fully secured due to the 'shared responsibility security model' of public cloud providers, particularly in the case of multi-cloud IT strategies. Contrast Serverless addresses the needs of such organizations by providing a new security tool that is specifically designed to evaluate serverless risks while identifying common vulnerabilities (CVEs), detecting misconfigurations, and revealing user privilege issues, all within a single interface. "Data shows 74% of infrastructure decision-makers at firms that are adopting public cloud use two or more public clouds and 17% are using five or more. Therefore, it's no surprise that 82% of cloud users have experienced security events due to confusion over shared responsibility security models." (Avoid the Security Inconsistency Pitfalls Transitioning to Serverless 2022 Report) The addition of Microsoft Azure Functions support to the Contrast Serverless platform allows organizations to evaluate the risk of their serverless applications across Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) from a single offering. The tool provides complete visibility of cloud-native serverless functions, allowing the AppSec team to continuously monitor the organization's serverless posture. It also allows organizations to scan open source dependencies for vulnerabilities in applications and custom code, detect misconfigurations, and identify the least privilege issues based on Microsoft Azure function policy roles and active directory configurations. Additionally, the tool can generate a contextual Microsoft Azure Functions risk score based on the abovementioned methods, enabling teams to address the most significant risk issues first. It also has the ability to apply remediation on function code in both AWS and Microsoft Azure environments. About Contrast Security Contrast Security is a renowned platform for code security, purposefully designed for developers to ensure swift and secure code movement while being trusted by security teams to safeguard business applications. It allows developers, security, and operations teams can quickly secure code across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and protect against targeted Application Security (AppSec) attacks. The company was founded in 2014 by cybersecurity industry veterans with the aim of replacing legacy AppSec solutions that cannot protect modern enterprises. The company's clientele includes some of the most prominent brands, such as BMW, Sompo Japan, DocuSign, AXA, Zurich, American Red Cross, and numerous other Fortune 500 enterprises globally.

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