Detectify Teams up with Hackers for Change to Benefit Security and Ethical Hacking Communities, Bolster Security for Non-profit Organizations

Detectify | August 19, 2021

Detectify, the SaaS security company powered by ethical hackers, today announced its partnership with Hackers for Change. The collaboration will equip non-profit organizations with the tools required to strengthen security and decrease the likelihood of cyber-attacks, supporting the mission of Hackers for Change to provide charities and nonprofits with industry-quality cybersecurity services at no cost. By combining each organizations' experience and hacking knowledge, the partnership aims to better serve customers and positively impact the security and ethical hacking communities.

Charities and non-profit organizations are becoming increasingly susceptible to cyber-attacks as cybercriminals seek to access and exploit their massive datasets. According to one report, 26 percent of charities experienced a cyber-attack or breach last year. As philanthropies collect more data, there is a growing need for nonprofits to stay ahead of cyber criminals and protect confidential information. However, many nonprofits lack the financial resources required to properly secure their networks.

This is where Hackers for Change comes in. The Toronto-based volunteer-operated organization provides other charities and nonprofits with industry-quality cybersecurity services for free. In doing so, Hackers for Change also trains Canada's next generation of cybersecurity professionals, making the digital community more resilient. For individuals seeking employment in the security industry, a lack of formal work experience can be a significant barrier to entry. By volunteering with Hackers for Change, volunteers not only gain invaluable hands-on work experience to jumpstart their careers, but also make a positive social impact on the community.

Partnering for a stronger community
"By teaming up with Hackers for Change, we're helping nonprofits improve their security posture while simultaneously sharing knowledge between us that will benefit customers, hacker volunteers linked to Hackers for Change, and the security industry overall," said Rickard Carlsson, co-founder and CEO at Detectify. "Collaboration is essential within the security space, and by marrying our strengths, we can't wait to see what strides we can make together."

Detectify's web application scanner, Deep Scan, lets non-profit organizations stay on top of critical patching; a vital component to improving security posture. Deep Scan allows organizations to automatically scan custom-built apps, find critical security vulnerabilities, and strengthen web application security with automated security findings sourced from leading ethical hackers that make up the Detectify Crowdsource community. In addition to empowering nonprofits to find, fix, and prevent critical security vulnerabilities, Deep Scan also helps determine which vulnerabilities to prioritize and provides remediation guidance.

About Detectify
At Detectify, we believe that world-class cybersecurity knowledge should be accessible to everyone. Detectify automates the latest security findings from leading ethical hackers and brings it into the hands of security defenders and web application teams. Powered by a network of handpicked ethical hackers, Detectify's security solutions check your application beyond the OWASP Top 10 and helps you stay on top of threats in the cloud.


This white paper will identify and review the capabilities of two important new technology sets, Moving Target Cyber Defense (MTD) and network microsegmentation. We will also share a view for chief information security officers (CISOs) as to how these new and highly innovative technologies fit within your current environment and complement your existing investment in cyber security tools.


This white paper will identify and review the capabilities of two important new technology sets, Moving Target Cyber Defense (MTD) and network microsegmentation. We will also share a view for chief information security officers (CISOs) as to how these new and highly innovative technologies fit within your current environment and complement your existing investment in cyber security tools.

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