HUB Security Partners with Getronics for Global IoT Cyber Security Solutions

HUB Security | December 22, 2021

HUB Security, a secure computing solutions provider, announced it has signed a strategic partnership with global integration and Smart Space IoT leader, Getronics, to offer secure compute protection to hundreds of banks and organizations in the EU, LATAM, and APAC. HUB Security will be Getronics' cyber security partner and its cyber automation platform to enhance current offerings including Secure-by-Design iOT & Smart Spaces, Ransomware & IR, and SOC.

Getronics' clients in 23 countries and in its Global Workspace Alliance will use HUB's confidential computing platform and additional innovative cybersecurity services to receive unparalleled protection.

"With organizations facing increasing cyber challenges, we see great value in  partnering with Getronics, a leader in digital transformation and integration,With a global reach and over 3700 experts, both companies can enhance cyber security protection for their clients and partners. "

Eyal Moshe, CEO and co-founder of HUB Security

"The global businesses we help support require the most advanced security platforms to maintain their operations," said Harsha Gowda Siddaveere, CTO Getronics. "HUB Security's offerings will allow our partners and customers a new level of cyber readiness facing new digital challenges in 2022."

"Both parties in this partnership complement and enhance each other's global offering to be cyber resilient and prepared for the future," said Joseph Souren, VP Sales EMEA, Comsec, a HUB Security Group.

About HUB Security
HUB Security was established in 2017 by veterans of the 8200 and 81 elite intelligence units of the Israeli Defense Forces. The company specializes in unique Cyber Security solutions protecting sensitive commercial and government information. The company debuted an advanced encrypted computing solution aimed at preventing hostile intrusions at the hardware level while introducing a novel set of data theft prevention solutions. HUB operates in over 30 countries and provides innovative cybersecurity computing appliances as well as a wide range of cybersecurity professional services worldwide.

About Getronics
Getronics is a global ICT integrator with an extensive history that extends over 130 years. With over 3,700 colleagues across Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, Getronics' vision is to reimagine the digital future, one customer at a time. We do this by leveraging an integrated and secure-by-design portfolio around Digital Workplace, Business Applications, Smart Spaces, Multi-Cloud, Field & Onsite Support, Service Desk, Network Infrastructure, and Security & Compliance to serve our more than 1,800 customers in both public and private sector.


Cloud-based software delivery has increasingly become the norm in today’s world, owing to the elasticity, scalability, and economy of cloud architectures. Arista has established a leadership position in the delivery of reliable and secure cloud networking and services management through the introduction of CloudVision®, a single unified AI/ML-enabled network management platform supporting every place in the cloud – and CloudVision is now available in an “as-aService” delivery model in the cloud.


Cloud-based software delivery has increasingly become the norm in today’s world, owing to the elasticity, scalability, and economy of cloud architectures. Arista has established a leadership position in the delivery of reliable and secure cloud networking and services management through the introduction of CloudVision®, a single unified AI/ML-enabled network management platform supporting every place in the cloud – and CloudVision is now available in an “as-aService” delivery model in the cloud.

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Omega Systems Fuels Growth in Northeast Region with Acquisition of the TNS Group

Omega Systems | January 10, 2023

On January 09, 2023, Omega Systems, a Pfingsten Partners portfolio company, announced the acquisition of The TNS Group, a leading IT services provider based in Stamford, CT. The acquisition strengthens and further expands Omega's footprint in the Northeast and key target industries, such as healthcare, fintech and non-profit. The TNS Group has been delivering the offices in Stamford, Fairhaven, MA, New York City, and with technology, IT consulting, and cybersecurity services for over 25 years. In contrast, Omega has over 700 mid-market and enterprise customers in financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, nonprofit, and state/local government across the United States. Bill Kiritsis, Omega Systems Founder & CEO, said, "The TNS Group is a valuable extension to our growing presence in the Northeast, and we're thrilled to welcome them to the Omega family." He further stated, "There are great synergies between our organizations – both in our corporate cultures and our commitment to customers – and we're eager to unite and accelerate our efforts to delivering the world-class IT, security and compliance services today's enterprises require." (Source – PR Web) TNS demonstrates Omega's third strategic acquisition in the past 12 months. Omega previously acquired PICS ITech and ACE IT Solutions, both in 2022. The company now employs over 185 total employees and a growing diverse managed services portfolio that includes managed IT compliance, managed cybersecurity, cloud hosting services, backup and disaster recovery, NOC and SOC services and strategic IT consulting. About Omega Systems Omega Systems is a major managed service provider (MSP) and managed security service provider (MSSP) for mid-sized businesses in the financial services, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and professional services industries. Omega's customer-first solutions are based on its approach to personalized service, designed to address the growing regulatory, compliance and data processing needs of the current highly regulated and security-conscious businesses. About The TNS Group The TNS Group, a Managed Service Provider (MSP), offers cloud solutions, managed security, business continuity, and IT consulting. Its portfolio of solutions helps develop business strategies through technology. It aims to bring value to its clients by simplifying innovative technologies and offering layers of expertise and flexibility to achieve overall goals. TNS serves clients in the fintech, healthcare, nonprofit and shipping/distribution industries.

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Forescout Announces Launch of Forescout XDR

Forescout Technologies Inc. | March 02, 2023

On March 1, 2023, Forescout Technologies, a leading automated cybersecurity solutions provider, launched Forescout XDR to enhance enterprises' investigation, detection, and response capabilities against advanced threats across their extended enterprises. Currently, security operation centers (SOCs) are inundated with an average of 450 alerts per hour, and analysts often spend precious time correlating low-fidelity alerts and chasing false positives. Forescout XDR uses data science and automation to generate a single high-fidelity alert every hour from 50 million logs ingested, reducing the number of alerts that warrant further investigation and thus enabling analysts to focus on legitimate attacks. Forescout XDR is vendor- and EDR-agnostic and collects data from over 170 sources, including security, cloud/SaaS infrastructure and enrichment sources, as well as dozens of leading vendors. Forescout XDR contains over 70 threat information sources and 1500 confirmed detection rules and models. With data onboarding included, customers may become operational in hours, actively identifying, investigating, and responding to risks. SOCs till now have excluded critical devices that are increasingly common points of attack, such as industrial control systems (ICS), operational technology (OT), building management systems (BMS), and IoT and medical devices. Furthermore, the technological stack on which SecOps teams have been forced to rely has made it impossible to respond to these threats promptly and thoroughly. The technology integration with Forescout's network access control solution facilitates proactive prevention of attacks by reducing the attack surface through restriction of compromised or non-compliant devices from connecting to their networks and automating response workflows that can immediately touch every connected device throughout the enterprise. Thus helping reduce the blast radius of an attack in real-time, allowing proper mitigation or remediation measures to be completed. Forescout XDR includes a multi-tenant architecture and supports local data storage while also providing an aggregated global view of threats and SOC performance. It is ideal for large firms, global corporations, and organizations with regional managed security service providers (MSSPs) and SOCs. The SaaS licensing pricing model is based on the total amount of endpoints in the enterprise, offering customers the flexibility to leverage the data sources they need to support their use cases without concern for fluctuating costs associated with cloud log storage. About Forescout Technologies Inc. Forescout Technologies, Inc. protects the Enterprise of Things through comprehensive identification, segmentation, and enforcement of compliance with every connected device. The company's enterprise-class platform has been widely deployed across managed and unmanaged IT, IoT, and OT devices, making it a trusted choice for Fortune 1000 companies. Forescout provides organizations with the most extensive device intelligence in the world, enabling them to classify risks precisely, detect irregularities, and promptly remediate cyber threats without harming essential business assets.

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Simeio and SailPoint Partner to Provide Enterprise Identity Security

Simeio | December 27, 2022

A business needs to manage and protect the digital identities of its employees, contractors, partners, and customers. Enabling the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons with secure access control is needed for organizations to keep their vital information safe and secure at all times. In this regard, Simeio provides identity and access management (IAM) solutions. Using intelligent solutions, enhanced cybersecurity measures are enforced on systems with cloud identity security services. Simeio, a leader in the cybersecurity industry when it comes to identity and access management (IAM) services, has announced a partnership with SailPoint, a leader in enterprise identity security. The goal of the partnership is to improve the security and protection of the companies' identities by using enterprise identity governance controls and best-in-class technologies. The partnership will also allow clients to simplify, automate, and enable their identity governance and administration (IGA) programs, providing continuous threat protection and improving the maturity of identity processes across enterprises. Simeio plans to bring over 50 SailPoint-certified identity experts to the partnership. The clients of both companies will benefit from the identity convergence capabilities of the Simeio IO platform, which brings together IGA, access management, and privilege identity functions to deliver cross-domain identity analytics. Through this partnership, organizations will also be able to update their identity security services in the cloud. "The global identity and access management (IAM) market is expected to grow from USD 14.82 billion in 2020 to USD 31.74 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 16.7% during the forecast period, as per Marketsandmarkets." Companies are getting more and more identity security and access management solutions because cyber threats and data breaches are getting worse. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT compatibility, decentralized identity systems, and the use of innovative biometric authentication mechanisms are all part of the future of identity security. About Simeio Simeio is a global managed services provider that offers identity and access management solutions as a service. Simeio's 700+ employees secure 160 million identities for businesses and governments. Simeio offers Customer Identity & Access Management, Privileged Access Management, Identity Proofing, Access Management & Federation, Identity Governance & Administration, and Application Onboarding. Gartner, Forrester, KuppingerCole, and Great Places to Work® have recognized the company's business and technical leadership. About SailPoint SailPoint is the market leader in enterprise identity security. SailPoint automates the management and control of access by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, granting only the required access to the right identities and technology resources at the right time. Our advanced identity platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems and workflows, providing a unified view of all identities and their access. We meet customers where they are with an intelligent identity solution that satisfies the enterprise's scale, velocity, and environment requirements. SailPoint empowers the world's most complex businesses to establish a security foundation based on identity security.

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