IPKeys Power Partners Announces New Grid Cyber Security Breakthrough

IPKeys | September 09, 2021

IPKeys Power Partners, the leading cybersecurity, cyber compliance, and smart grid technology company, announced today the release of its groundbreaking SigmaFlow Beacon platform to provide utilities, generators, and grid operators a simple, unified solution for cybersecurity monitoring and compliance requirements.

The SigmaFlow Beacon platform is built specifically to help organizations align with North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) compliance mandates. It provides NERC registered entities with a single solution to advance, simplify and improve existing cybersecurity and monitoring requirements.

"We are pleased to provide utilities, generators and grid operators a system that ensures unification of cybersecurity monitoring and NERC-CIP compliance requirements," said Robert Nawy, CEO IPKeys. "It is long past time for the worlds of compliance and cyber defense to converge to provide cyber assurance for our power grid. The SigmaFlow Beacon unites needed capabilities of real-time cybersecurity monitoring with governance and regulation."

The SigmaFlow Beacon provides one, purpose-built solution for NERC baseline management, collecting the critical cyber data in real time and seamlessly incorporating the approval process within the SigmaFlow workflow and evidence platform. SigmaFlow Beacon technology is built for rapid deployment, making it faster and easier to implement than current monitoring solutions. It will save utilities valuable time, and provide seamless Critical Infrastructure Protection, improved cybersecurity, and audit ready results.

Today, NERC registered entities must use multiple vendors and systems to monitor baseline security and compliance data. These solutions are not connected to workflow, making the correlation between change management and baseline authorization next to impossible because multiple changes could be made since the facilities' last scan.

"SigmaFlow Beacon is a major step towards our vision of bringing compliance and security teams together, at the same time simplifying the act of maintaining compliance while enhancing real world cybersecurity," said Louis Riendeau, IPKeys Vice President, Operations & Product Management.

"Many of our clients and Governance & Regulation communities tend to get a sense of false cybersecurity validation by passing NERC compliance audits, SigmaFlow Beacon and the entire IPKeys Cyber Lab-as-a-Service platform introduces automated NERC compliance and advancement in real cybersecurity protection," said Trey Kirkpatrick, VP, NERC Implementation Services and Consulting.

Benefits of a Unified Approach between Cybersecurity and Compliance

Improved cybersecurity: The fewer moving parts, the fewer opportunities for errors—and the fewer cracks for hackers to get in through. With cybersecurity and compliance in sync, there is a shared knowledge between organizations.

Time Savings: When a crisis strikes, immediate action is vital. With unified security and compliance, there is less risk of misunderstanding or miscommunication between organizations, less need for work to be redone, and fewer questions about completion.

Seamless CIP management: Unified end-to-end management of security and compliance ensures consistent CIP management, while providing more efficient and accessible records, greater access to critical information, and reducing data errors, missed assignments or due dates.

Always audit-ready: All data is stored in one secure location, and is consistent, connected, complete and primed for scrutiny.

Large cybersecurity incidents like the SolarWinds breach or the Colonial Pipeline hack garner most of the attention, but hundreds of smaller attacks have impacted businesses, municipalities, and utilities across the country - and the threat is accelerating. According to Statescoop, between 2013 and 2018, 180 documented cyberattacks occurred, while 236 incidents have been reported since 2019.

About IPKeys Power Partners
IPKeys Power Partners' industry-leading, secure OT and IoT intelligence platform addresses the complex cybersecurity, data, and communications challenges faced by operators of mission-critical networks for customers in the energy, government, and industrial markets. The company's suite of solutions encompass cybersecurity and cyber compliance for dynamic OT/IT environments, data analytics, secure energy management, and public safety network monitoring. The company is headquartered in New Jersey and has offices in California, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia.


Based on their frequent media coverage, Internet security incidents have become a popular topic of conversation. So, naturally, the talk about security risk extends to the cloud - in a recent cloud computing usage report, 65 percent of surveyed organizations mentioned security as their top obstacle to cloud


Based on their frequent media coverage, Internet security incidents have become a popular topic of conversation. So, naturally, the talk about security risk extends to the cloud - in a recent cloud computing usage report, 65 percent of surveyed organizations mentioned security as their top obstacle to cloud

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CertiK Reaches for the Skies With the Release of Its New Security Services

CertiK | July 16, 2022

CertiK, the leading global Web3 and blockchain security firm, today announced the launch of several web3 Skynet security features to bolster end-to-end security for the web3 world. New features include: Skynet Trust Score - a new scoring mechanism aimed at simplifying the definition of crypto project risk, increasing transparency into scoring mechanisms and demonstrating market health. Skynet Cohort Analysis Panel - a way for projects to see how they rank against other similar projects in order to help users contextualize the risk of a project by displaying its performance against comparable projects. Badges and honors for project achievements to strengthen credentials in their respective fields The Skynet service, launched in June 2021, uses a comprehensive set of signals, curated from code scanning analysis, on chain security analytics, and machine learning to provide 24/7 monitoring of threats for crypto projects. To date, Skynet has helped to protect and monitor over 4 billion transactions. As part of its strategy, CertiK set out on a mission to address both business and consumer value services through its security leaderboard found on its website. Delivering on this promise, CertiK’s release of new Skynet features provides further simplicity and transparency to consumers around project risk, while also giving credit to projects where needed through badges and honors. “We’re very excited to launch these new Skynet features. “Through feedback from customers and the community, we’ve recognized the need to innovate around security risk in a simpler way that caters to both business and consumer needs. This is just the beginning of our journey as we continue to innovate in response to community needs and deliver on our promise of securing the web3 world.” Kevin Liu, Chief Product Officer at CertiK As part of its portfolio expansion, CertiK also recently released on its Twitter an autonomous security alert channel, which provides real-time alerts to the community on hacks, flash loan attacks, rugpulls and suspicious activity. To date, CertiK has flagged over $1.45 Billion in security incidents since the release of the service in February this year. The growing demand for Web3 security has driven further development and operation of more innovative and data-driven security products for the blockchain industry. CertiK is meeting these demands through innovative products like Security Leaderboard, Code Auditing, KYC and now this next series of Skynet security features. About CertiK CertiK’s mission is to secure the Web3 world. Starting with blockchain, CertiK applies cutting-edge innovations from academia into Enterprise, enabling mission-critical applications to be built with security and accuracy. Headquartered in New York City, CertiK was founded by computer science professors Ronghui Gu and Zhong Shao. CertiK is backed by industry leaders, including Insight Partners, Tiger Global, Sequoia, Coatue Management, Advent International, Goldman Sachs, Lightspeed, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Hillhouse Capital, Binance, Coinbase Ventures, and more.

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Hillstone Networks | August 25, 2022

Hillstone Networks, an innovative and accessible cybersecurity solutions provider, today unveiled new models in the Hillstone Networks A-Series Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), the A7600 and A6800, to help enterprises secure their expanding network edge, deliver powerful network security capabilities, and drive sustainability with solutions in a compact 1RU form factor. According to IBM’s Cost of a Breach 2022 report, 83% of organizations studied have had more than one breach. Cyberattacks are not abating, and the cost, damages and recovery from a single breach continue to rise. Against an aggressive cyberattack backdrop, the volume and complexity of traffic in today’s IT environments continue to exponentially increase due to the expansion of different services such as videos, apps, and cloud-based-everything. With increased connectivity to services comes an increased complexity of vulnerabilities to secure against. Secure An Expanded Network Edge with Hillstone A-Series Next Generation Firewalls Enterprises need high-performing next-generation firewalls to meet today’s bandwidth requirements, service levels, and defend against more advanced threats. As the network edge expands from the traditional on-premises network perimeter, IT teams now must secure unforeseen levels of depth, as all layers of the IT stack must be secured at the edge. Minimize the Speed versus Security Trade-off with Proprietary Hardware Acceleration Engine IT teams regularly compromise one need over another, based on budget or resources. Hillstone’s proprietary Hardware (HW) Acceleration Engine offloads network traffic from the processor, allowing more resources to be dedicated for comprehensive security services, bringing streamlined threat detection and prevention capabilities to high-traffic applications and scenarios. The HW Acceleration Engine delivers ultra-low latency in network packet forwarding, allowing the NGFW to sift through and secure even the most latency-sensitive applications, including multimedia streaming, broker services, and other high-volume transactions. Native Cyberresilience Combined with High Throughput/Low Latency Deliver on App and Customer Experience Raw processing speed, with throughputs of 200 Gbps and 280 Gbps, allow for packet forwarding within a few microseconds, delivering quality of service across networks. Enterprise-grade security features come native with these offerings, including comprehensive and advanced threat protection for known and unknown malware with multiple security services, including Intrusion Prevention, IP Reputation, URL Filtering, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Cloud Sandbox, Botnet C2, among others. “Because today’s network traffic across all applications and services is increasing both in complexity, and in volume across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, a high performing NGFW is no longer optional – it is now mandatory. “Today’s data centers, edge locations, service providers are looking for a powerful solution that delivers on multiple fronts – security, performance, and customer experience. The new NGFW offerings deliver the on the needs of our customers today with the flexibility of multiple deployment models.” Tim Liu, co-founder & CTO, Hillstone Networks The A-Series NGFW is a solid platform for enterprise customers to enable an SD-WAN solution to bridge connectivity and security needs. The integration consolidates network VPN and security in one device or client, allowing for a faster, lower-cost and more secure local internet connection at remote locations. In addition, customers can also unlock a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, to meet remote access security requirements, including identity-based, least-privileged secure access, as well as context-aware, adaptive access control, enhancing both security and effectiveness for the remote connections. About Hillstone Networks Hillstone Networks’ innovative and accessible cybersecurity solutions reshape enterprise and service provider security, enabling cyber resilience while lowering TCO. Providing comprehensive visibility, superior intelligence, and rapid protection to see, understand, and act against cyberthreats from edge to cloud, Hillstone is favorably rated by leading analysts and trusted by global companies.

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