ISARA, Carillon and Crypto4A Partnership enables a world first Canadian fully integrated Quantum-Safe Now PKI solution

Crypto4A | October 23, 2021

Crypto4A Technologies Inc., ISARA Corp., and Carillon Information Security Inc. today announced their partnership agreement focused on providing organizations with a next generation Quantum Safe NowTM Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution.

The Quantum-Safe Now™ PKI solution integrates ISARA's Radiate Quantum-safe Toolkit and Catalyst Agile Digital Certificate Methodology, which provide hybrid crypto-agility, with Carillon's world class PKI CertServ ID Management Suite operating on Crypto4A's QxEDGE™ and QxCloud™ Hybrid Security Platform (HSP).  

By working together, the three Canadian organizations provide a world first quantum safe PKI solution running on purpose-built hybrid crypto-agile hardware.

As part of the partnership, the companies intend to develop and market seamless, easy to use quantum-safe PKI cryptographic solutions that ease digital transformations, enable cryptographic agility and simplify cryptographic management.

Today's connected economies, identity based digital transformations, DevSecOps teams and cloud-based deployments require new cryptographic capabilities based on quantum-safe software and hardware to provide enterprises with the forward agility, seamless access, security and controls required for cloud, edge, and end user environments.

"ISARA's suite of proven crypto-agile capabilities effectively complements the proven capabilities of both Carillon's PKI software and Crypto4A's hardware based crypto-agility resulting in a more robust and easier to use Quantum-Safe Now™ PKI solution. Our approach is to enable customers to discover and manage their cryptographic capabilities in an agile, quantum-safe and trusted way.  Our collective experiences, knowledge and integrated Quantum Safe Now™ PKI solution de-risks digital transformations and migrations to address the evolving security requirements for today and tomorrow," said Scott Totzke, CEO and Co-founder at ISARA.

Identity based digital environments, applications and relationships rely on cryptography for their trust, innovation, security and privacy. By working with ISARA and Carillon, we demonstrate the power of the Canadian cryptography industry to elevate the original PKI architecture as well as demonstrate the agile capabilities of our FPGA based QxTrust Architecture™(QxTA™). As progress is made in better cloud and edge security, privacy and data management, new requirements are emerging that place material stress on the foundations of today's cryptographic hardware. This new collaborative offering helps to remove some of these stresses and represents our approach to cooperation

John Scott, CEO of Crypto4A

"We are excited to be partnering with Crypto4A and ISARA on this common PKI initiative. The experience that they both bring from a cryptography and an engineering perspective, provides Carillon and its customers with an integrated approach to an agile Quantum Safe Now™ PKI solution. Quantum Safe Now™ demonstrates our ongoing commitment to meet the emerging needs of the connected enterprise for innovation with digital trust", said Patrick Patterson, President and Chief PKI Architect of Carillon.

About Radiate™ Quantum-safe Toolkit and Catalyst Agile Digital Certificate Methodology
The ISARA Radiate™ Quantum-safe Toolkit is a high-performance, lightweight, standards-based quantum-safe software development kit, built for developers who want to test and integrate next-generation post-quantum cryptography into their commercial products. ISARA Catalyst™ Agile Digital Certificate Methodology enables a seamless, cost-effective and simplified migration to quantum-safe security today to protect investments in durable connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) and complex public key infrastructures with no impact to end-users. Catalyst certificates support two cryptographic algorithms within a single certificate and can support both classic and quantum-safe public keys and signatures.

About CertServ ID Management Suite
CertServ ID Management Suite is the first, single technology PKI platform that is designed with the users in mind. It offers a simple, easy to use, easy to deploy series of components that facilitate all aspects of PKI credential management. From devices to people, hardware or software-based credentials are simple to issue, manage, and maintain.

About QxEDGETM and QxCloudTM
QxEDGETM and QxCloud™ HSP's provide a suite of next generation capabilities that are an alternative to traditional HSM capabilities. Architected to be native for quantum-safe crypto-agility in cloud, zero trust and remote working environments.  QxEDGETM and QxCloud™ enable the adoption of hybrid certificate techniques and post quantum cryptographic algorithms, ensuring cost and security effective crypto-agility for identity-based application environments.

ISARA, with its knowledge and experience in cybersecurity over the years, is a global leader in crypto-agile technologies and quantum-safe security solutions that can continue to protect current computing ecosystems into the quantum age. Capitalizing on know-how garnered in using agile methods to develop these cryptography implementation and public key authentication technologies, ISARA will target the development of crypto agility and quantum-safe security solutions compliant with the international standardization of quantum secure cloud technology.

About Carillon Information Security
Carillon Information Security Inc. provides a complete spectrum of identity management solutions that are designed to prevent identity theft, promote the migration from paper to electronic authentication, and avoid the loss of intellectual property. From consulting services, to credential issuance and validation software to managed identity services, Carillon can provide the skill sets and tools to help companies take control of their corporate digital credentials.

About Crypto4A
Crypto4A QxTrust Architecture™(QxTA™) helps enable crypto agility for Zero Trust environments. Developed by founders who created previous crypto key and HSM architectures, our patented QxTA™ helps secure and accelerate digital transformations, cloud migrations and crypto-agility by deploying, managing and protecting digital keys, workloads, data and applications from anywhere in the world.


Should Small Business Worry About IT Security? by Symantec 50% of SMBs think they're not a target for cyber attacks because they are a small business. Wrong! 73% of SMBs have been victims of cyber attacks. The average annual cost of these attacks in 2010 was $188,242. The median cost of downtime for a SMB is $12,500 per day. 46% of organizations said social media was affecting the ability to provide cyber security.


Should Small Business Worry About IT Security? by Symantec 50% of SMBs think they're not a target for cyber attacks because they are a small business. Wrong! 73% of SMBs have been victims of cyber attacks. The average annual cost of these attacks in 2010 was $188,242. The median cost of downtime for a SMB is $12,500 per day. 46% of organizations said social media was affecting the ability to provide cyber security.

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Lookout | March 15, 2021

In the current event, Lookout, Inc announced that it had acquired CipherCloud. Lookout, Inc is a leading cybersecurity company. It is now joining hands with CipherCloud, a leading cloud-native security company, operates in the emerging Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market. They both blaze a new path together to combine and create an integrated endpoint-to-cloud security solution. By this combination, Lookout will be in a unique position to deliver the industry's first end-to-end platform that will secure an organization's entire data path from an endpoint to the cloud. This will later empower customers with a single source of unified policies and provide end-to-end security to accelerate their digital transformation. CipherCloud solutions are related to several developing SASE categories. This includes Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Together these solutions will deliver data security, comprehensive visibility, threat protection, and compliance for cloud-based applications. Familiar to this, CipherCloud has already been providing services to many of the world's largest global enterprises and government institutions seeking protection and security through cloud technology. The purpose of this integrated endpoint-to-cloud security solution is accelerated by the adoption of cloud applications, proliferation of remote users, data transitioning of the corporate data center into the cloud, and more network traffic flowing to public cloud services. To tackle the security challenges caused by the above trends, businesses in this industry need a cohesive platform that can track activity and enforce policies from the endpoint device to cloud-based applications. And the need to stop zero-day attacks on data information across the entire end-to-end path, this integrated solution can fill the gaps immediately, keeping all information secured in one place. Jim Dolce, CEO of Lookout, highlights this acquisition. Gartner forecasts that the SASE market will nurture at a CAGR of 42% over the next five years and would reach almost $11 billion by 2024. With the acquisition of CipherCloud, Lookout is head-on with the transformation to cloud infrastructure and is in a unique position to deliver value to its customers. Besides all, the integration of CipherCloud and Lookout technologies will also remove friction, augment usability and convenience, enable user freedom and reduce operational costs compared to a collection of siloed point products. The integrated Lookout platform will authorize a growing number of businesses to deliver critical applications to users working anywhere securely. Jim Dolce, CEO, Lookout, puts his words expressing his version about this acquisition. He says that "We couldn't be more excited to welcome the CipherCloud team to Lookout. Our two organizations share a common passion for accelerating cloud adoption with cloud-native solutions that secure critical data." Joining hands with CipherCloud is the next phase of our enterprise market expansion. By this, we will be extending our reach from endpoint into cloud, where the applications and data reside. Through this combination, we will deliver endpoint-to-cloud security by keeping elements of our solutions together into a single cloud-delivered offering." Apart from this, Pravin Kothari, Founder, and CEO, CipherCloud, also speaks, "as a pioneer of the Cloud Access Security Broker market, CipherCloud has allowed organizations worldwide to achieve their digital transformation. Today, we take the exciting next step on the road to SASE by integrating our strengths with Lookout to deliver endpoint-to-cloud security for the modern workforce."

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Partner of FireMon and DLT Solutions to provide public sector Agile Network Security Policy Management

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FireMon, the main organization security strategy the executives organization that brings visibility, control, nimbleness, and mechanization to enterprise cloud and half and half organization infrastructure, today declared it has signed with DLT Solutions, the chief government innovation solutions aggregator. The partnership will encourage FireMon's commitment to public sector clients, simplify purchasing for government agencies, and give DLT's channel partners access to its dexterous organization security strategy the board stage's full capabilities. As government organizations move to the cloud and zero trust networks, they must oversee security policies over increasingly heterogeneous cross breed networks. Using FireMon, they can quicken their migrations with the certainty that they will stay secure and consistent even notwithstanding increasing rates of progress. Recently, FireMon was considered basic to public security by the United States Treasury, a world class designation which points to the significance FireMon solutions play to public sector customers. "As the public sector continues its digital transformation to modernize aging systems and infrastructure, new network security considerations and risks are introduced," said Chris Wilkinson, president, DLT Solutions, a Tech Data company. "Adding FireMon's solutions to our cybersecurity portfolio provides our channel partners and their public sector customers with an agile approach to managing network security policy that helps secure our nation's most critical networks." "As the move to the cloud accelerates, government agencies are challenged with securing complex hybrid networks and implementing zero trust architectures," said Andrew Warren, VP of Global Channel Sales for FireMon. "Working with DLT and its partners, FireMon lets them secure these networks seamlessly, without compromising agility or responsiveness." About FireMon FireMon is the only agile network security policy platform for firewalls and cloud security groups providing the fastest way to streamline network security policy management, which is one of the biggest impediments to IT and enterprise agility. Since creating the first-ever network security policy management solution, FireMon has delivered command and control over complex network security infrastructures for more than 1,700 customers located in nearly 70 countries around the world. For more information, visit

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Shift5, a cutting-edge cyber security company that secures operational technology for a range of vehicular platforms, announces its partnership with Aerion Supersonic, a leader in supersonic technology working on the new AS2 supersonic business jet. Through this new arrangement, Shift5 will add to Aerion's existing work, bringing differentiating experience and capabilities to the design team to provide a level of cyber resiliency and protection that is beyond anything deployed into the commercial aviation market to date.

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