Mendix and Software Improvement Group Introduced a New Cybersecurity Solution

Mendix | January 24, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Mendix and Software Improvement Group Introduced a New Cybersecurity Solution

Mendix, a Siemens business and world leader in modern enterprise app development, and Software Improvement Group (SIG), a unique technology and advisory firm for software quality, security, and improvement, have announced the launch of Mendix Quality & Security Management (QSM), a new cybersecurity solution that provides continuous deep-dive insights into security and code quality to address risks and vulnerabilities immediately.

Sigrid®, SIG's software assurance guidance platform, powers Mendix QSM. It delivers a complete perspective on the effect of security findings on business goals by combining more than 20 top-tier security scanning technologies. With Mendix QSM, the users can scan their Mendix apps, including third-party libraries, for security flaws and incorrectly configured security models, rank for compliance with major industry standards such as OWASP, ISO 5055, and PCI, and receive risk mitigation recommendations and clear guidance.

Mendix QSM is based on application model static analysis. SIG experts have mapped Mendix models to the ISO 25010 maintainability model using Mendix model metadata. This enables its applications to be compared against a database of thousands of projects, including open-source initiatives. Mendix QSM also presents a five-star rating of the quality of the software.

About Mendix

Mendix is an industry-leading low-code application development platform for enterprises. With Mendix, you can transform a spreadsheet into an app, establish a portfolio of enterprise-wide apps, and upgrade a core system, among other things. In addition, the platform provides continuous collaboration between software developers and users, speeds up the application development lifecycle, and enables iterative deployment at scale. As a result, businesses can rapidly develop modern, adaptable applications with a tool that maintains the highest levels of security, quality, and governance. The platform has been used by over 4,000 of the world's leading enterprises. Mendix is a division of Siemens.

About Software Improvement Group (SIG)

Software Improvement Group (SIG) assists companies in gaining confidence in the technology they trust. Its mission is to get the software right for a healthier digital world by combining intelligent technology with human expertise. It drills into the build quality of enterprise software and architecture by monitoring, measuring, and benchmarking it against the world's largest software analysis database. As a result, organizations can use software assurance to uncover the variables driving the total cost of ownership of the software and make fact-based decisions to lower costs, reduce risk, improve time to market, and accelerate digital transformation.


Het kiezen van het juiste besturingssysteem is tegenwoordig een belangrijke succesfactor voor elk bedrijf. Het kan erg verleidelijk zijn om voor een gratis optie te kiezen. Waarom dit vaak een fout is, lees je in het datablad Migreren van CentOS Linux naar Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Je leert waar je op moet letten bij het migrere


Het kiezen van het juiste besturingssysteem is tegenwoordig een belangrijke succesfactor voor elk bedrijf. Het kan erg verleidelijk zijn om voor een gratis optie te kiezen. Waarom dit vaak een fout is, lees je in het datablad Migreren van CentOS Linux naar Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Je leert waar je op moet letten bij het migrere

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On February 9, 2023, Acalvio Technologies, the market leader in cyber deception technology, announced the release of its Identity Threat Detection and Response solution, which provides visibility and control of the identity attack surface area and a cutting-edge active defense against identity threats. By adding Active Defense, Acalvio's ITDR solution transforms the environment not only to detect and repel cyber assaults but also to collect threat information to get a deeper understanding of the adversary and better train future defenders. "Modern identity threats can subvert traditional identity and access management (IAM) preventive controls, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA). This makes Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) a top cybersecurity priority for 2022 and beyond." According to October 2022 research from Gartner Acalvio's patent-protected, unique, and comprehensive ITDR solution is the foundation for building and maintaining a robust zero-trust security model. It enhances identity protection in three important ways Active Defense against malicious activity: ShadowPlex Advanced Threat Defense from Acalvio generates a rich and broad collection of honey accounts that are automatically blended into Active Directory and distribute honey tokens throughout the company network for malicious actors to locate and exploit. It also identifies tools for stealing credentials by presenting options to use deception. Identity Attack Surface Management: ShadowPlex Identity Protection outlines the attack surface in identity repositories such as Microsoft Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, as well as the credential caches on different endpoints. This enables a comprehensive study of identity misconfigurations and possible attack vectors via vulnerable relationships, cached credentials, and linkages for lateral movement. Extensive integrations with the security ecosystem: The ITDR solution from Acalvio integrates with an enterprise's existing SIEM, EDR, SOAR, NAC, and other security solutions to understand the environment's assets, automatically deploy deception across the enterprise, detect the use of decoy credentials, and enable a variety of automated real-time responses. About Acalvio Technologies Acalvio, the market leader in cyber deception technology, assists businesses in proactively defending against sophisticated security attacks. Built on 25 granted patents for autonomous deception and sophisticated AI, the Acalvio Active Defense Platform offers comprehensive solutions for ITDR, advanced threat detection, zero trust, OT security, active directory protection, and ransomware protection. The Silicon Valley-based firm's solutions serve Fortune 500 companies and government organizations and are deployable on-premises, in the cloud, or via renowned managed service providers.

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Contrast Security Launches New Partner Program, Security Innovation Alliance

Contrast Security | February 02, 2023

On February 1, 2023, Contrast Security (Contrast), a leading code security platform, announced the launch of its new partner program, the Security Innovation Alliance (SIA), a worldwide ecosystem of system integrators (SIs), cloud, channel, and technology alliances. SIA's mission is to provide customers with unrivaled, fully integrated application security solutions from Contrast and its strategic alliance partners, which include Amazon/Amazon Web Services (AWS), GitLab Inc., Microsoft, VMware, Armor Code, PagerDuty, Zimperium, Anchore, Wallarm, Neosec, Noname Security, Ermetic, Cloudwize, BLST Security, ProtectOnce, Scribe Security, Wiz, and Legit Security. Furthermore, the team will concentrate on expanding collaborations with SIs, technology providers, and independent software providers (ISVs). SIA and Contrast's robust strategic partner integrations will not only enable partners to integrate with the Contrast Secure Code Platform seamlessly but will also enable clients to realize the following benefits: To use Contrast's services confidently as part of a more extensive program for application security (AppSec). Increase the predictability of security and decrease the risk of implementing new code and AppSec technologies. Increased trust and confidence in already implemented technologies. SIA is designed to boost its partners' business capabilities to satisfy AppSec clients' demands. Contrast collaborates with each partner to deliver a customized experience that meets their specific interests and business requirements, including a streamlined onboarding process, joint marketing campaigns, integration support and access to the company's impressive install base. SIA is led by Goodman, a seasoned Alliance professional, and several other industry leaders, including Tracey Mead, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, System Integrators; Frank Gasparovic, Director, Ecosystem Engineering; Rachael Mott, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, Technology Partners; Callie McCormick, Global Director of Channel Sales; and Ram Yonish, VP of EMEA Alliances. About Contrast Security Founded in 2014, Contrast Security is a leading code security platform firm purposely created for developers to get secure code flowing quickly and trusted by security teams to protect business applications. With Contrast, developers, security, and operations teams can swiftly secure code across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to defend against today's targeted Application Security (AppSec) threats. It also provides free security testing to all developers through CodeSec. Established by cybersecurity industry experts to replace old AppSec solutions that cannot secure modern organizations, the company defends its customers from major cybersecurity attacks, which include some of the world's top brands, such as BMW, AXA, DocuSign, Zurich, Sompo Japan, and American Red Cross, as well as several other prominent leading Fortune 500 companies.

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Skyhigh security, a leading data security solutions provider, recently announced receiving Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency accreditation in the infrastructure security industry. This distinction recognizes Skyhigh Security's extensive technical expertise in AWS and proven success in its ability to assist customers in achieving their cloud security objectives. Achieving AWS Security Competency distinguishes Skyhigh Security as a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) that offers specialized software to assist organizations in adopting, developing, and deploying complex security projects on AWS. To achieve the distinction, APN Partners must have in-depth knowledge of AWS and provide solutions on AWS effortlessly. AWS delivers scalable, versatile, and cost-effective solutions to startups and large-sized organizations. To enable the seamless integration and implementation of these solutions, AWS launched the AWS Competency Program to assist customers in identifying consulting and technology APN Partners with extensive industry knowledge and expertise. AWS users can buy the entire Security Service Edge (SSE) portfolio of Skyhigh Security through the AWS Marketplace, which enhances the efficiency of the procurement process and provides flexible licensing options. The company's SSE portfolio is cloud-native, designed from the bottom up with Zero Trust principles, and includes a unified data loss prevention and policy engine. Skyhigh SSE contains, Skyhigh Cloud Access Security Broker, Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway, and Skyhigh Private Access, among other products, offering one of the most extensive portfolios in the market. About Skyhigh Security Based in California, U.S., Skyhigh Security, a provider of a complete, market-leading data security platform built on a modern cloud stack, focuses on helping customers protect the world's data. It protects businesses with data-aware and user-friendly cloud-native security solutions. Its industry-leading Security Service Edge (SSE) portfolio extends beyond data access and focuses on data use, enabling enterprises to communicate from any device and location without compromising security.

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