Microsoft Exchange Server uncovered huge number of associations to cyber attack

informationsecurity | March 08, 2021

In any event 30,000 associations across the United States have been undermined through four newfound weaknesses affecting Microsoft's Exchange Server email programming.

In every occurrence, the assailants abandoned a web shell: a secret word ensured hacking apparatus that can be gotten to over the Internet from any program, giving authoritative admittance to the casualties' workers.

Microsoft delivered security updates to address the bugs on second March, and prompted clients utilizing Exchange Server to fix the frameworks as most punctual as could really be expected.

Nonetheless, apparently the updates incited the Chinese gathering - which Microsoft has named 'Hafnium' - to venture up its assaults on workers that have not been fixed.

Security scientists have now cautioned that Microsoft's security patches can't sanitize frameworks that have effectively been hacked.


Hytera’s mission is to develop the future-proof solutions with a holistic approach to your critical communications system and service needs, support public safety agencies in making the city safer, and enable security organisations to keep the enterprise more secure and ensure the safety and security of responders and staff, through driving more efficiency, effectiveness and productivity to operation and management of both daily operations and critical emergencies, while reducing the cost.


Hytera’s mission is to develop the future-proof solutions with a holistic approach to your critical communications system and service needs, support public safety agencies in making the city safer, and enable security organisations to keep the enterprise more secure and ensure the safety and security of responders and staff, through driving more efficiency, effectiveness and productivity to operation and management of both daily operations and critical emergencies, while reducing the cost.

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Skyhigh security, a leading data security solutions provider, recently announced receiving Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency accreditation in the infrastructure security industry. This distinction recognizes Skyhigh Security's extensive technical expertise in AWS and proven success in its ability to assist customers in achieving their cloud security objectives. Achieving AWS Security Competency distinguishes Skyhigh Security as a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) that offers specialized software to assist organizations in adopting, developing, and deploying complex security projects on AWS. To achieve the distinction, APN Partners must have in-depth knowledge of AWS and provide solutions on AWS effortlessly. AWS delivers scalable, versatile, and cost-effective solutions to startups and large-sized organizations. To enable the seamless integration and implementation of these solutions, AWS launched the AWS Competency Program to assist customers in identifying consulting and technology APN Partners with extensive industry knowledge and expertise. AWS users can buy the entire Security Service Edge (SSE) portfolio of Skyhigh Security through the AWS Marketplace, which enhances the efficiency of the procurement process and provides flexible licensing options. The company's SSE portfolio is cloud-native, designed from the bottom up with Zero Trust principles, and includes a unified data loss prevention and policy engine. Skyhigh SSE contains, Skyhigh Cloud Access Security Broker, Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway, and Skyhigh Private Access, among other products, offering one of the most extensive portfolios in the market. About Skyhigh Security Based in California, U.S., Skyhigh Security, a provider of a complete, market-leading data security platform built on a modern cloud stack, focuses on helping customers protect the world's data. It protects businesses with data-aware and user-friendly cloud-native security solutions. Its industry-leading Security Service Edge (SSE) portfolio extends beyond data access and focuses on data use, enabling enterprises to communicate from any device and location without compromising security.

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Lookout Announces Industry’s Only Endpoint to Cloud Security Platform

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Lookout, Inc., a business specializing in endpoint-to-cloud security, has announced enhanced capabilities and feature updates to its award-winning Lookout Cloud Security Platform, the only endpoint-to-cloud security solution available on the market. In addition to cloud, internet, and private applications, the cloud-native platform now includes a single policy architecture for administration and enforcement across all mobile devices. A single agent and a single control plane for mobile and cloud security services are also new platform upgrades, providing IT and security professionals with a cost-effective, streamlined administration experience. In addition, the Lookout Cloud Security Platform combines security service edge (SSE) with endpoint security to secure users and data regardless of location. It constantly monitors the risk posture of devices and users to provide dynamic and granular zero-trust access based on the sensitivity level of applications and data. As a result, it enables organizations to protect their workers, devices, applications, and data from unauthorized access and modern internet-based threats. In addition, the extended platform enables clients to make more educated choices about cloud security services using threat data from mobile endpoints. Lookout CEO, Jim Dolce, said, "Digital transformation and the significant adoption of the cloud have accelerated remote work and the use of mobile and unmanaged devices, which in turn exposes organizations to new security gaps that are ripe for exploitation from bad actors." He added, "Lookout's mission is to secure and empower the digital future where mobility and cloud are essential to all that we do for work and play; our endpoint to cloud security platform ensures that your data is protected – regardless of device, user or location." (Source – PR Newswire) The Award-Winning Lookout Platform The Lookout Cloud Security Platform integrates security services based on the company's unique technologies: Lookout Secure Private Access Lookout Secure Cloud Access Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security Lookout Secure Internet Access About Lookout, Inc. Lookout, Inc. is a cybersecurity firm that merges endpoint security with SASE technology to protect data while maintaining user privacy. Its single, cloud-native security platform protects data across devices, applications, networks, and clouds—a solution as fluid and adaptable as the current digital environment. Giving companies and people more control over their data empowers them to maximize its value and flourish. Lookout is trusted by organizations of all sizes, government agencies, and millions of individuals to safeguard sensitive data, allowing them to live, work, and connect freely and securely.

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Neustar Introduces UltraDDR for Enhanced DNS-based User Protection

Neustar Security Services | February 06, 2023

Neustar Security Services, a renowned cloud-based security services provider that enables global businesses to thrive online, is launching UltraDDR (DNS Detection and Response), a recursive DNS-based protection service aimed at combating ransomware attacks, network breaches, supply chain compromise and phishing while enforcing enterprise acceptable use policies for its users. UltraDDR provides a Protective DNS solution that allows businesses to move ahead of attacks by preventing communication before any harm can be done. Protective DNS analyzes DNS queries and responds to mitigate threats. UltraDDR offers real-time observability of outbound network communication using years of historical domain data, allowing organizations to detect and prevent malware, ransomware, phishing, and supply chain attacks before any damage can occur. UltraDDR can meet organizations' recursive DNS requirements. UltraDDR contains a highly dependable global recursive DNS resolution network with 27 nodes across the world, allowing for lightning-fast responses everywhere. UltraDDR is a comprehensive DNS resolver solution that includes advanced security features, including DNS over HTTPS (DoH), DNSSEC and DNS over TLS (DoT). Furthermore, the service features built-in DNS DDoS protection through Neustar Security Services' UltraDDoS Protect solution to instantly fight against attacks towards the UltraDDR DNS resolver network, guaranteeing that DNS resolution availability is not jeopardized. UltraDDR has extensive DNS firewall features to enforce acceptable usage policies for business users. For example, administrators can designate categories of internet traffic, such as gaming, adult, gambling, social media, etc., that violate business policy and block or flag this traffic to give a simple, unobtrusive means of enforcing policy. UltraDDR can be deployed within minutes to enhance a corporation's security investments, such as by integrating always-on DNS intelligence into event management and security information systems, endpoint solutions, firewalls, and more. The solution supports a client that can be installed on Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android devices that enables DNS settings to persist regardless of network connectivity and continues to provide both web categorization and threat protection. About Neustar Security Services Founded in 1996, Neustar Security Services is a leading cloud-based security services provider. The company is trusted by businesses worldwide to protect their digital infrastructure and online presence. Neustar Security Services provides a range of cloud-based services that are always safe, dependable, and accessible, allowing multinational enterprises to prosper online. The Ultra Secure portfolio of products from the firm safeguards companies' networks and apps against dangers and downtime, making sure that businesses and their customers have great and uninterrupted daily interactions.

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