Noetic Cyber Partners with SentinelOne to address growing cybersecurity asset management challenges

Noetic Cyber | February 03, 2022

Noetic Cyber, a cloud-based continuous cyber asset management and controls platform, today announced a partnership with autonomous cybersecurity platform company SentinelOne (NYSE:S). This partnership delivers an end-to-end cybersecurity asset management solution that leverages SentinelOne's endpoint and cloud workload telemetry, combined and correlated with information from other information sources, to generate a high-fidelity, continuously updated, multidimensional map of all assets and their cyber relationships.

The current fragmentation of IT management, DevOps and security tools makes it difficult for security teams to see all the assets in the business and to understand the relationships between them. In fact, 71% of global IT leaders admit to finding new endpoints in their environment on a weekly basis. Endpoint and cloud workload telemetry is a vital part of this information, providing high-fidelity, relevant insights into threats and cyber assets. The integration of SentinelOne Singularity XDR and the Noetic platform enables teams to extend the visibility, detection and endpoint insights of SentinelOne into a wider asset inventory and management architecture, maximizing their value.

"We are very excited to be partnering with Noetic Cyber on this integrated solution," said Chuck Fontana, SVP of Business Development, SentinelOne. "There is a significant security challenge in not understanding the cyber risk of all assets in your environment. Together with Noetic, we're able to close that gap and ensure a hygienic cybersecurity environment for organizations across industries."

The SentinelOne Connector for Noetic is an API-based integration. Joint customers install the SentinelOne Connector into the Noetic platform and provide it with API credentials to establish a bi-directional integration between the two platforms. The Noetic platform periodically polls SentinelOne, looking for information indicating new, updated or removed endpoints. This information is ingested, aggregated and correlated with information from other data sources, presented to security teams via innovative graph database technology. Pre-packaged queries and dashboards help analysts to uncover coverage and compliance gaps and hidden risks. The Noetic platform also includes a comprehensive automation workflow engine, which allows security teams to pre-determine corrective action, such as deploying the SentinelOne agent to unprotected machines, triggering a scan or disconnecting a machine from the network.

"Through this innovative partnership with SentinelOne, we are able to jointly address security coverage gaps and automatically correct misconfigured endpoints that could otherwise leave organizations vulnerable,Leveraging the high-fidelity data provided by SentinelOne, Noetic provides unparalleled insights into your cyber assets, identifies security risks and uses automation to continuously close them."

Paul Ayers, CEO of Noetic

About SentinelOne
SentinelOne's cybersecurity solution encompasses AI-powered prevention, detection, response and hunting across endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices in a single autonomous platform.

About Noetic Cyber
Noetic Cyber enables security teams to make faster, more accurate decisions to detect coverage gaps and reduce cyber risk. The Noetic solution is a cloud-based Continuous Cyber Asset Management & Controls Platform that provides teams with unified visibility of all assets across their cloud and on-premises systems, and delivers continuous, automated remediation to close coverage gaps and enforce security policy. Noetic improves security tools and control efficacy by breaking down existing siloes and improving the entire security ecosystem. Founded in 2019, Noetic is based in Boston and London.


"Gen Y has raised the bar when it comes to adoption of new technology and the speed at which we must innovate. For example, they're much more likely to use mobile banking than their elders, and more likely to go elsewhere if banks do not offer the mobile services they desire."


"Gen Y has raised the bar when it comes to adoption of new technology and the speed at which we must innovate. For example, they're much more likely to use mobile banking than their elders, and more likely to go elsewhere if banks do not offer the mobile services they desire."

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Bugcrowd | June 27, 2022

Bugcrowd, the market leader in crowdsourced cybersecurity, announced today a strategic reseller collaboration with SocialProof Security, advancing the organization's objective to keep clients ahead of growing cyber threats. As part of the cooperation, Bugcrowd will resell SocialProof Security's services, including social engineering prevention training, protocol and practitioner seminars, and penetration testing. In addition to reselling social engineering services, Bugcrowd continues to innovate and invest in its award-winning Security Knowledge Platform, which provides the most comprehensive suite of security solutions such as bug bounty, vulnerability disclosure programs, attack surface management, and pen testing as a service. Bugcrowd, for example, allows consumers to buy pen tests from a single supplier for any sort of use case, from basic assurance of simple web apps and networks to continuous testing of cloud services and APIs, and now, social engineering. Due to their friendly hacker approach to boosting customer defenses against human-based assaults, SocialProof Security and CEO Rachel Tobac, the market leader in social engineering prevention services, have gained prominence. Twitter, PayPal, Uber, Prudential Insurance, Cisco Systems, WhatsApp, NATO, and the US Air Force are among the noteworthy clients of SocialProof Security. "We are excited to work with Bugcrowd on this reseller partnership as we move forward with our aligned mission to arm organizations with a proactive means to reduce social engineering risk through education, identity verification protocol improvements, technical tools, and measuring those updates with social engineering penetration testing. The majority of cyber attacks now start with some element of social engineering—manipulating people to take actions that could harm organizations. This partnership illustrates the priority Bugcrowd places on actionable and measurable social engineering risk mitigation in a well-rounded security program," said Tobac. "Even with current elevated threat levels, many organizations are surprisingly unprepared for the threats from social engineering attacks, as we repeatedly find low awareness across organizations, outdated or inconsistent identity verification, and limited practitioner skill sets. Fortunately, taking a multidimensional approach that combines prevention training and tools, human-based protocol updates, and pen testing can dramatically reduce the risk of social engineering attacks. We look forward to bringing this innovative solution to market as a part of our services." Ashish Gupta, CEO of Bugcrowd SocialProof specializes in defending against social engineering attacks, in which attackers deceive workers in order to get personally identifiable information (PII), passwords, and unauthorized access to accounts, money, or other sensitive information. Common attack vectors like phishing, impersonation, and pretexting can be used to carry out such manipulation. In fact, respondents to ISACA's 2021 State of Cybersecurity Survey rated social engineering as the #1 cyber threat.

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Morganfranklin Launches Cybersecurity Innovation Center

Morganfranklin | June 14, 2022

MorganFranklin Consulting, a management consulting business located in Washington, DC, has opened a new cybersecurity innovation center (CIC). Customers will be able to obtain insight into how security technologies will perform in their environment and how cyberattacks will influence their systems thanks to the bespoke, interactive lab environment. “As ever-increasing and more sophisticated attacks combine with rapid digital transformation, cybersecurity preparation has never been more challenging or more important. The MorganFranklin Cybersecurity Innovation Center is a powerful new way to help our clients answer essential questions that improve their security operations, upskill their teams, and address their most pressing threats.” John Fung, a director in MorganFranklin’s cybersecurity operations practice area Clients can duplicate their live systems and troubleshoot countermeasures to the most recent attack vectors prior to deployment. Customers can also assess how different security products from different vendors perform alone and together in order to optimize program spending. The CIC will enable MorganFranklin to produce continual threat information and optimize its cybersecurity practices. The extended cybersecurity practice of the consultancy offers services in program planning, governance, risk, and compliance; identity and access management; cybersecurity operations; incident response; business and technology resilience; risk intelligence; and managed security. MorganFranklin offers accounting and risk advisory services, strategic transformation and program execution, supply chain and retail management, technological enablement, and cybersecurity consultancy. The company employs over 600 workers across eight locations in the United States.

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Turing AI Launches Search Attribute in Video Security Platform

Turing AI | June 16, 2022

Turing AI has added people attribute search, a game changing feature in AI Security, to their flagship AI-powered video security platform Turing Vision. Whereas other camera-based security system depends on facial recognition and object detection alone to safeguard facilities and locate events, people attribute search adds several factors to identification, enhancing speed and accuracy of finding and recognizing people at the scene of events. With the inclusion of individuals attribute search, customers can now search for a people inside Turing Vision based on: Object detection of people Identity detections based on facial recognition* Attribute detection* based on: Clothing color, long or short sleeve shirts; pants vs. shorts Bags Hats Weiwei Chen, VP of Engineering at Turing AI said that, “Security is the number one priority for our clients. With the addition of people attribute search, we now have three algorithms: object detection, identity recognition and attribute detection to improve both the speed and accuracy of evidence collection significantly, allowing our clients to streamline their security workflow.” Turing AI is committed to guarantee its platform comply with applicable regulations. Activation depends on state regulations and the compliance with Biometric Information Protection Act (BIPA) (BIPA). Please refer to our privacy policy, and compliance available. Ron Rothman, President of Turing AI emphasized on “I truly believe this is where the industry is heading when it comes to AI security and Turing AI is proud to be among the leaders implementing this technology.” Ron broke it down this way, “People are more likely to accurately remember clothing and accessories rather than the physical description of a person. People attribute Search broadens the spectrum of elements when it comes to identification. For example, if someone suspicious near the scene was wearing a short-sleeved red shirt and a hat, clients can search for those attributes rather than relying solely on remembering race, eye color or hair color, which can be challenging when someone is wearing a hat.”

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