Owl Cyber Defense improves advanced network security capabilities with Trident Assured Collaboration Systems Acquisition

prnewswire | January 05, 2021

Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC ("Owl"), a worldwide market pioneer in online protection arrangements and administrations for safeguarding network limits and empowering secure information sharing across areas, reported today the obtaining of the Trident Assured Collaboration Systems ("ACS") product offering. ACS has the solitary U.S. government-affirmed Voice over IP ("VoIP") and Video Teleconference ("VTC") Cross Domain Solution ("CDS") just as the business' most exceptional Full Motion Video ("FMV") sifting ability – usefulness basic to CDS activities in a time of robots and cameras. The obtaining gives Owl a more extensive scope of guaranteed network border guard arrangements than any rival on the lookout.

Owl, upheld by private speculation firm DC Capital Partners, has been a main supplier of CDS to the U.S. Branch of Defense ("DoD") and Intelligence Community for over 20 years. Owl is likewise the worldwide pioneer in network safety assurance for basic framework, offering the solitary U.S. government tried and certify CDS accessible for organization inside and outside the U.S to both government and business customers.

Owl's Cross Domain Solutions offer the most elevated level of organization edge security, far surpassing the capacities of firewalls and other ordinary organization protections. Owl's items are the decision for ensuring the country's most delicate organizations and frameworks against assault. Ongoing episodes have exhibited the failure of inheritance firewalls to forestall cyberattacks against basic business and working frameworks and cloud-based applications. The blend of Owl and ACS's innovation offers a full continuum of CDS items that give equipment upheld space partition and layers of information separating confirmation instead of a solitary organization line checkpoint with insignificant substance sifting.

Arrangements like firewalls that worked 25 years back as an organization insurance approach are not, at this point compelling against country state quality assaults. As country state assaults increment, the methodologies utilized by state entertainers start to saturate the criminal side of cyberattacks. Powerful network safety presently requires a coordinated, multi-layered framework with information diode equipment parts in gatekeepers which perform escalated information assessment and confirmation. The up and coming age of insurance, coming out now and based on a mix of Owl and ACS innovation, installs CDS usefulness in incredibly low-inactivity, unmodifiable equipment.

Thomas J. Campbell, Chairman of Owl and Founder and Managing Partner of DC Capital, said, "This is another step in executing our strategic vision.  The acquisition of ACS not only places Owl ahead of other Cross Domain Solution providers, but it also plays a pivotal role in our larger strategy to offer true cybersecurity protection. The future requires solutions that are cost effective and easy to implement, use, and maintain." 

"The explosion of the Internet of Things ("IoT") demands cyber-secure devices, from those that control our critical infrastructure, to our homes and cars," said Campbell. "The technology Owl pioneered 20 years ago is now available in form factors small enough to be embedded inside devices.  Owl has always been an early mover, the first to develop hardware-enforced network protection and now the first to offer a hardware-enforced CDS that can be embedded."

"Owl has been rapidly moving towards this number one position for the last couple of years," commented Robert Stalick, President and CEO of Owl. "With the addition of ACS, the last piece has fallen into place. Owl is now the clear leader in accredited Cross Domain Solution offerings, with the widest range of capabilities and products – solving problems from tactical to enterprise in data, voice, and video; for government, critical infrastructure and commercial enterprises."

Jerry B. Chernock, Partner at DC Capital, added, "Clearly we need to address the deficiency of firewalls. There is a motivation behind why our customers demand Cross Domain Solutions and not exclusively on firewalls. Late assaults, including a security break at an unmistakable U.S. based network protection firm and a few U.S. Government organizations, have accentuated the requirement for knowledge, military, basic framework and corporate customers to rapidly develop how they secure their organizations."

"The sophistication of these technologies cannot be overstated," said Ken Walker, Chief Technology Officer at Owl. "The U.S. Government continues to set the standards for the most rigorous operational requirements and testing regimes globally, setting expectations that very few companies can meet. Owl is one of a handful of elite companies that satisfies the government-established 'Raise the Bar' requirements."

About Owl Cyber Defense Solutions

Owl has been serving the cybersecurity needs of the U.S. government since inception – providing hardware-enforced cybersecurity controls, industry leading expertise in operating system hardening, extensive device and network-based assessment services and thought-leadership in filtering/data processing disciplines. Owl Cross Domain Solutions are operating broadly in missions across both the DoD and the U.S. intelligence agencies. Globally Owl is the leader in perimeter protection for nuclear power plants, oil and gas operations, renewables and power generation and transmission, with aggressive growth occurring in the data center and cloud provider sectors. Owl continues to innovate and is bringing to market the world's first embeddable cybersecurity to serve the Internet of Things ("IoT").


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Industry Leaders Reveal the Gap Between AI’s Potential and Today’s Data Reality Eine Umfrageuntermehrals 1300 FührungskräftenausGeschäftsführung und IT in siebenführendenWirtschaftsnationenzeigt: Sie habenSchwierigkeiten, alleihreDatenzufinden, und sindsichzwarsicher, dass KI einentiefgreifendenWandelmitsichbringenwird, wissena

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