Data Security

Paubox to protect healthcare providers with One-of-its-kind Security tool

Zero Trust Email, a new feature to the Paubox Email Suite, is announced by the leader in HIPAA compliant email, Paubox. Zero Trust Email, the only technology of its kind, has the purpose of protecting the sensitive data and information of healthcare organizations from cybersecurity attackers.

A solution for protecting the data and information of healthcare organizations was necessary as at least 93% of healthcare organizations reported one cybersecurity breach during the last three years. Various accounts on servers run by American infrastructure companies such as AWS, GoDaddy, and Mailgun, are being set up by bad actors. This lets cybercriminals to pass virus checks and industry standard spam. Paubox has rolled out Zero Trust Email in response to it.

According to Founder CEO of Paubox, Hoala Greevy, A core tenet of Zero Trust security is multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Zero Trust Email needs an additional piece of evidence from the sender’s mail server to pass our Inbound Security checks. This additional layer of verification is critical to keeping bad actors away and under control.

According to Cost of Data Breach report of IBM, in 2019, healthcare industry had almost lost $7 billion USD due to damages from data breaches caused by cyberattacks. Extra network admittance points created by a rising remote work force only open healthcare organizations to more cybersecurity susceptibilities and attacks. Zero Trust Email can minimize the damage due to both internal and external attacks in healthcare organizations.



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