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ProtectedBy.AI to Launch a unique Defence system Against Cyberattacks

A world leader in artificial intelligence driven solutions, ProtectedBy.AI, is launching CodeLock. This has been designed as its patented revolutionary approach to prevent insertion attacks that may occur in a software supply chain.

The recent cyberattacks with Colonial Pipeline, with SolarWinds, and JBS have destroyed many organizations globally. Globally, including the attacks on multiple U.S. government agencies could have prevented by using CodeLock™.

CodeLock™ has the competence to stop the most dangerous and latest criminal malware. CodeLock's™ revolutionary approach creates an inviolable network of security sensors that can be embedded into any software running on an organization's servers and systems.

CodeLock™ perfectly protects each line of produced code. From minor utility functions to multi-million-character functioning systems, CodeLock™ can save any software from attacks and threats. The two primary dimensions of CodeLock™ are a Developer Interface and an Alert Monitor.

According to president and co-founder of ProtectedBy.AI, Brian Gallagher, creative new forms of cyberattacks, ransomware, and malware are becoming more and more common globally. He also said that they have created a defence technology for automating detecting process of an attack. CodeLock™ is becoming a critical component in making all the organizations cyber safe.

About ProtectedBy.AI

ProtectedBy.AI makes solutions that protect and advance the security and economic objectives of countries and companies incorporating human intelligence in it. ProtectedBy.AI is well known in providing effective solutions and has served a wide range of organizations such as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Department of Homeland Security, and United States Department of Defence.



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