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Salt Security to Launch Salt Labs to Increase Global Awareness of API Security Threats

The leading API security company, Salt Security, has announced today the launch of a now-public forum for publishing research on API vulnerabilities, Salt Labs. It will be a resource for enterprises looking to harden infrastructure against API risk through its vulnerability and threat research and industry reports. In addition, advancing the operation of Salt Security to offer complete API security and accelerate business improvement by making APIs attack-proof will also be a basis of more widespread public consciousness of API safety threats.

API security concerns are a significant inhibitor of business modernization. For example, 66% of establishments have delayed the placement of a new application because of API security anxieties, according to the Salt Security State of API Security Report. To counter these concerns, Salt Labs will provide research and reports that organizations can use to progress their API security pose and alleviate threats affecting API-centric businesses.

Several API security gaps are highlighted in today's inaugural vulnerability research at a large financial institution. Salt Labs researchers identified inadequate authorization for function access, susceptibility to parameter tampering, insufficient data access, and improper input filtering across the financial platform used by thousands of financial partners and customers. The Salt Labs researchers exploit these vulnerabilities to demonstrate that:

1. Any user could launch an application-level denial of service attack that would render entire applications unavailable.
2. Any user could read any financial records of any customer, despite lacking the proper authorization.
3. Any user could tamper with authentication parameters and take over any account.
4. Any user could delete any customer's user accounts across the financial platform.

About Salt Security

Salt Security was originated in 2016 by alumni of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and serial businessperson executives in the cybersecurity field and is based in Silicon Valley and Israel. Salt Security protects the APIs that form the core of every new application. Its API Security Platform is the industry's first patented solution to stop the next generation of API attacks, using machine learning and AI to mechanically and unceasingly recognize and protect APIs.



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