SentinelOne and Mimecast have teamed up to provide better end-to-end threat protection for corporate devices and email

SentinelOne | February 07, 2022

SentinelOne, an independent cybersecurity platform firm, announced a new integrated solution with Mimecast to increase end-to-end threat prevention, speed incident response, and reduce security team delays. SentinelOne and Mimecast allow security teams to take advantage of cooperative defenses and quickly respond to attacks across email and endpoints using XDR automation for a holistic approach to incident response.

Security operations teams are stretched to the limit investigating and remediating each incident as tactics change, threat actors' sophistication grows, and new vulnerabilities are discovered regularly. Email continues to be one of the most widely used attack channels. According to Mimecast's State of Email Security report for 2021, risks have increased by 64% during the pandemic, and 70% of businesses expect to be impacted by an email-borne attack. As a result, organizations are looking for integrated defenses to safeguard email and improve incident response capabilities while reducing complexity, minimizing risk, and relieving pressure on an already overworked security team.

“Email inboxes are often a prime vector for attacking the enterprise. Mimecast detects new threats through our multi-layered inspection capabilities, helping security operations teams who are still spending too much time on the manual collection, normalization, and prioritization of data,” said Julian Martin, VP Ecosystem & Alliances, Mimecast. “Our integration with SentinelOne solves for this challenge, improving and accelerating the incident response capabilities we offer our customers. As the cyber threat landscape continues to expand, detecting and responding to these threats in real-time is crucial for an organization’s security infrastructure,It’s important to leverage trusted security platforms like those offered by SentinelOne and Mimecast to help identify and mitigate the risk of cyberattacks.”

Ahmed Shah, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Optiv

The integrated solution from SentinelOne and Mimecast strengthens and accelerates incident response capabilities across all security layers, including email, endpoints, and the cloud. For example, when a threat is detected in SentinelOne, the integration takes automatic measures like suspending a particular user's email, blocking that user's email, or quarantining the email account.

“The speed and sophistication with which adversaries are attacking organizations has become staggering, and too often SOC teams are burdened with investigating security issues as opposed to solving them,” said Yonni Shelmerdine, VP Product Management, SentinelOne. “The integrated solution enables our customers to accelerate incident response and contain threats faster by automatically quarantining affected users in Mimecast. This ultimately reduces complexity, minimizes risk, and decreases the demands on SOC teams.”

With XDR automation, Mimecast and SentinelOne's combined solution provides never-before-seen holistic protection across client email and endpoints, dramatically increasing end-to-end threat detection and incident response.


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OS migration is typically time-consuming and expensive. The average enterprise migration project takes 18-32 months from conception to completion and involves significant IT time and end-user downtime. Learn how to avoid the typical headaches of OS migration for your next project. Simplify your next OS migration project by following these recommendations found within the white paper. Learn all 6 ways to simplify your next migration.

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IronNet launches AWS Marketplace Premium Professional Services

prnewswire | December 09, 2020

IronNet Cybersecurity, an innovator in Network Detection and Response and Collective Defense, reported today that it is one of the principal Amazon Web Services (AWS) autonomous programming sellers to offer its expert administrations in AWS Marketplace. AWS clients would now be able to discover and buy Red Team, Hunt, and Security Advisory administrations from IronNet in AWS Marketplace, a curated computerized list of programming, information, and administrations that makes it simple to discover, test, purchase, and convey programming and information items that sudden spike in demand for AWS. IronNet offers AWS clients the capacity to handily cite and agreement benefits in AWS Marketplace that assist clients with surveying their cloud and organization security. Inside AWS Marketplace, AWS clients can likewise investigate IronNet's security arrangements, which help ensure undertakings against the most basic digital dangers focusing on enterprises today. As associations relocate to the cloud, they are searching for top tier security capacities and expert administrations, similar to those offered by IronNet. With proficient administrations from IronNet accessible in AWS Marketplace, clients have an improved method to buy and be charged for both programming and related administrations in a brought together spot. Clients can additionally smooth out their acquisition of programming with standard agreement terms to improve and quicken acquirement cycles. "IronNet is honored to participate in this launch and to offer our professional services through AWS Marketplace," said IronNet co-CEO Bill Welch. "Our team is dedicated to helping companies evaluate their overall cybersecurity posture and develop customized strategies to enhance their defenses with our Network Detection and Response and Collective Defense capabilities. We're pleased to be able to make it as easy as possible for AWS customers to obtain these critical services and software from one centralized location, in AWS Marketplace." About IronNet Cybersecurity Founded in 2014 by GEN (Ret.) Keith Alexander, the former Director of the National Security Agency and Founding Commander of United States Cyber Command, IronNet Cybersecurity is a global security leader that revolutionizes how organizations secure their networks by delivering the first-ever Collective Defense platform operating at scale. Employing a large number of former NSA and U.S. Cyber Command cybersecurity operators with offensive and defensive cyber experience in both the government and the private sector, IronNet integrates deep tradecraft knowledge into its industry-leading products to solve the most challenging cyber problems facing enterprises today.

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Partner of FireMon and DLT Solutions to provide public sector Agile Network Security Policy Management

businesswire | December 10, 2020

FireMon, the main organization security strategy the executives organization that brings visibility, control, nimbleness, and mechanization to enterprise cloud and half and half organization infrastructure, today declared it has signed with DLT Solutions, the chief government innovation solutions aggregator. The partnership will encourage FireMon's commitment to public sector clients, simplify purchasing for government agencies, and give DLT's channel partners access to its dexterous organization security strategy the board stage's full capabilities. As government organizations move to the cloud and zero trust networks, they must oversee security policies over increasingly heterogeneous cross breed networks. Using FireMon, they can quicken their migrations with the certainty that they will stay secure and consistent even notwithstanding increasing rates of progress. Recently, FireMon was considered basic to public security by the United States Treasury, a world class designation which points to the significance FireMon solutions play to public sector customers. "As the public sector continues its digital transformation to modernize aging systems and infrastructure, new network security considerations and risks are introduced," said Chris Wilkinson, president, DLT Solutions, a Tech Data company. "Adding FireMon's solutions to our cybersecurity portfolio provides our channel partners and their public sector customers with an agile approach to managing network security policy that helps secure our nation's most critical networks." "As the move to the cloud accelerates, government agencies are challenged with securing complex hybrid networks and implementing zero trust architectures," said Andrew Warren, VP of Global Channel Sales for FireMon. "Working with DLT and its partners, FireMon lets them secure these networks seamlessly, without compromising agility or responsiveness." About FireMon FireMon is the only agile network security policy platform for firewalls and cloud security groups providing the fastest way to streamline network security policy management, which is one of the biggest impediments to IT and enterprise agility. Since creating the first-ever network security policy management solution, FireMon has delivered command and control over complex network security infrastructures for more than 1,700 customers located in nearly 70 countries around the world. For more information, visit www.firemon.com.

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Code42 and Okta Collaborate to speed up the Right Response During insider Risk Investigations.

Code42 | April 07, 2021

Code42, the pioneer in Insider Risk Management, today reported that its IncydrTM data risk detection and response product has been integrated with Okta Identity Cloud, the leading user identity management solution. The integration combines Code42's unique data-centric approach to insider risk with Okta's leading approach to identity and access, making it easier for security buyers to build Zero Trust data security environments. Since the integration automates access controls, provides additional user context, and automates response workflows for departing or high-risk users, security teams can execute smoother, more effective investigations. Today's distributed and remote workforces, enabled by the advancement of collaboration technology, have generated an exponential risk of data leakage by shifting the perimeter from the network to the endpoint,” said Ananth Appathurai, senior vice president of strategic partnerships and ecosystem at Code42. “The Code42-Okta integration is a powerful way to pair access controls with best practices for insider threats to enhance security postures.” Without proper access controls, data can be deliberately or accidentally exfiltrated. Users that exhibit potentially risky file behavior will have their permissions lowered so they no longer have access to confidential files thanks to the integration. Around the same time as permissions are restricted, a security investigation is conducted to review suspicious file movements so that effective response measures can be taken. Okta administrators and information security teams will use this mechanism to accelerate and coordinate cross-functional initiatives to reduce insider risk in their organizations. “Identity is crucial in KNOWING who is accessing data and where they are accessing it,” said Stephen Lee, vice president, technical strategy and partnerships at Okta, Inc. “Okta's goal is to enable everyone to use any technology safely. This integration begins in that direction, enabling enterprises to use access controls as an important tool for protecting data through their distributed workforces.” Using the Code42-Okta integration, security teams will use user identity to track high-risk users and optimize insider risk management platforms, as well as: • Reduce the risk of insider threats by automating and applying conditional user access controls based on predefined risk tolerance. • To identify behavior risk factors such as remote operation, off-hour file events, and attempts to hide exfiltration, provide additional useful information by provisioning role-based user attributes. • To accelerate investigations and efficiently mitigate insider threats, streamline and simplify response workflows for departing and high-risk employees. About Code42 Code42 is the market leader in Insider Risk Management. The Code42 Incydr solution, which is cloud-native, detects data loss, leaks, and theft quickly and speeds incident response – all without involving extensive implementations, complex policy management, or interfering with employee efficiency. Security experts will use Code42 to secure organizational data and reduce insider risks, all while fostering an open and inclusive atmosphere among employees. Code42's Insider Risk solution is FedRAMP authorized and can be configured for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and other regulatory frameworks. It is backed by security best practices and control requirements.

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