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Skybox Security Launches New Continuous Exposure Management Platform

Skybox Security Unveils Next-Gen Exposure Management Platform

Skybox Security, a leading Exposure Management solutions provider, has unveiled the next generation of its prestigious Continuous Exposure Management Platform. This 13.0 release introduces significant enhancements to its solution for Attack Surface and Vulnerability Management, which revolutionizes the manner businesses manage and mitigate cyber exposure risk.

Attack Surface Management Delivers Complete Visibility

Skybox's Surface Management solution provides an extensive inventory and map of users' assets and applications. It evaluates and simulates attack paths. The result is a dynamic security model for the hybrid attack surface. Version 13.0 introduces significant new features, including:

  • New Attack Surface Map

  • Enhanced Attack Path Analysis

  • LDAP Integration

  • Cloud Infrastructure Integration

Vulnerability Management Deepens Exposure Insights

Skybox's Vulnerability Management solution combines more than 25 third-party threat intelligence feeds with its own Skybox Threat Intelligence feed in order to prioritize threats based on exposure risk and remediate vulnerabilities with prescriptive guidance. With Version 13.0, businesses are able to:

  • Import Vulnerability Data

  • New Business-Focused' Solutions View'

  • Celebrity Vulnerabilities

  • SOAR Integration

Mordecai Rosen, CEO of Skybox Security, said,

In today's complex threat landscape, organizations need to continuously manage their threat exposure based on the prioritized risks to their business.

[Source – Business Wire]

Rosen stated that the Skybox platform now supports every stage of an enterprise's continuous exposure management (CEM) program, from mapping the attack surface through contextualization and risk-based prioritization to final remediation. It was also mentioned that the latest enhancements enable organizations to further improve their security posture and substantially reduce the risk of a successful attack.

About Skybox

Skybox is trusted by over 500 of the world's largest and most security-conscious enterprises for providing insights and assurance to stay ahead of dynamically changing attack surfaces. Its Exposure Management Platform provides complete analytics, visibility, and automation to quickly prioritize, map, and remediate vulnerabilities across organizations. The vendor-agnostic solution optimizes security policies, actions, and change processes across all cloud environments and corporate networks. With Skybox, security teams can emphasize the most strategic business initiatives while ensuring enterprises remain protected.



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