Talon Cyber Security Selected for Exclusive Microsoft for Startups Program

Talon Cyber Security | June 30, 2022

Talon Cyber Security
Talon Cyber Security, provider of the first secure enterprise browser, today announced it has been selected as a partner for Microsoft for Startups, a global program dedicated to accelerating the trajectory of high-potential startups. As a program member, Talon will receive access to Microsoft technology, mentorship and business support.

“Talon is proud to be working with an established leader like Microsoft as we continue to aggressively scale to meet the demand for our secure enterprise browser. “Our goal is to make security for the future of work simple by enabling secure access for managed and unmanaged devices, and the feedback we have received from the world’s largest brands has been amazing. As we continue to gain traction, it is incredible to have the support of a true industry giant like Microsoft.”

Ofer Ben-Noon, co-founder and CEO, Talon Cyber Security

The traditional approach of enabling secure access to modern applications is complex, expensive and puts organizations at risk. The TalonWork browser acts as the first line of defense and control point for enterprise security, while drastically reducing complexity and cost.

Talon brings enterprise-grade security to the browser, delivering native features like authentication, data loss prevention, zero trust controls and more. Customers leverage TalonWork to gain visibility into and secure SaaS applications, web activity, managed devices and unmanaged devices. Built on Chromium, TalonWork consistently delivers the high-quality user experiences required to secure the future of work.

“Talon’s mission to help its customers simplify security programs for distributed workforces is a great fit for the program,” said Jeff Ma, Vice President, Microsoft for Startups, Microsoft. “We look forward to helping Talon deliver their innovative solution to our joint customers.”

Talon leverages Microsoft’s infrastructure to facilitate seamless, real-time collaboration among its global team that enables it to deliver exceptional service to its customers. The company’s unique approach to security has led to significant corporate momentum. Talon won the Innovation Sandbox Contest at RSA Conference 2022, a prestigious competition where 10 industry leaders battle for the title of “Most Innovative Startup” each year.

About Talon Cyber Security
Talon Cyber Security is modernizing security programs and improving user experiences for hybrid work by delivering the first secure enterprise browser. Built on Chromium, the TalonWork browser provides customers with the consistent user experiences, deep security visibility, and control over SaaS and web applications needed to simplify security for the future of work. Talon was named the Most Innovative Startup of 2022 at the prestigious RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest.


A BIG PART of cyber security is being prepared. You want to do as much as you can to prevent attackers from breaching your network. Defenders have all kinds of ways to make this work. They have firewalls. They have endpoint protection. They have password managers. They have security training and information resources. And they have all of these right at their fingertips.


A BIG PART of cyber security is being prepared. You want to do as much as you can to prevent attackers from breaching your network. Defenders have all kinds of ways to make this work. They have firewalls. They have endpoint protection. They have password managers. They have security training and information resources. And they have all of these right at their fingertips.

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Syscoin Launches Network Rollup Facility

Syscoin | June 13, 2022

Syscoin, a cutting-edge base layer protocol that incorporates the composability of Ethereum-style smart contracts with the Bitcoin Network's industry-leading security, announced today the upcoming release of Rollux, a suite of developer-ready scaling solutions for developing decentralized applications at the speed of Web2 architectures. “At Syscoin, we are constantly improving the architecture of our platform to offer the most capable solution for developers who want to build with Bitcoin’s security, Ethereum’s flexibility, and, beginning today, Syscoin’s own scaling solutions. The launch of our in-house Layer 2 rollup suite marks a major milestone in the evolution of the Syscoin Network toward being the ultimate foundation for applications aimed at individuals, global enterprises and even governments around the world.” Jag Sidhu, Syscoin Foundation’s lead developer and president Moreover, Syscoin uses its unique Proof-of-Data-Availability (PoDA) breakthrough with Rollux to secure accessible off-chain data for rollups. Apart from Ethereum, Syscoin will be one of the first chains to host optimistic rollups and the only one to use Bitcoin's gold-standard proof-of-work hashing for its own security. As Ethereum evolves toward a proof-of-stake consensus paradigm, this difference will become more relevant. Syscoin's development plan is divided into three segments. The first phase concluded in December with the release of Syscoin's Network-Enabled Virtual Machine (NEVM). Syscoin's NEVM parallel Layer 1 chain allows developers to construct Ethereum-compatible, smart-contract-based decentralized apps on the Syscoin Network. Rollux is Syscoin's in-house Layer 2 rollup suite and marks the next step in the company's evolution. Rollux will provide scaling solutions to applications that use the Syscoin Platform foundation layer in order to provide decentralized services at Web2-like speeds. Furthermore, the Rollux suite will be a comprehensive Layer 2 solution that covers the full range of scaling methods. Rollux will first provide Optimistic rollouts before extending to include ZK rollups when they become practicable. When it is released, Rollux's optimistic rollup utility will use modular scaling technologies to provide the most efficient, cost-effective, scalable, and secure Layer 2 available. Syscoin will unleash performance and scalability 50 times that of existing Layer 2s and 5000 times that of the Ethereum mainnet with direct EVM counterparts like Arbitrum's Nitro and Optimism's Cannon. This powerful platform will continue to progress the sector for many years to come, ultimately ushering in stateless Layer 2 systems that offer a significant advancement in scalability and security. Syscoin Rollux will represent the cutting edge of scaling technology for Solidity-based smart contracts, with Layer 2 scaling coupled to Bitcoin's security standard. Moreover, since the smart contract layer is entirely EVM-compatible, it will be straightforward to onboard applications from Ethereum that want to add Bitcoin's security at scale. Finally, since the non-profit Syscoin Foundation is releasing the Rollux suite, the project will avoid charging excessive fees and using token schemes that add friction and costs to consumers.

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Zscaler Advances Cybersecurity and UX with New AI/ML Capabilities

Zscaler | June 23, 2022

Zscaler, Inc., the global leader in cloud security, unveiled today new breakthrough AI/ML innovations driven by the world's largest security cloud for unsurpassed user protection and digital experience monitoring. The new capabilities expand Zscaler's Zero Trust Exchange security platform, allowing companies to implement a Security Service Edge (SSE) that safeguards against the most advanced cyberattacks while providing an outstanding digital experience to users and easing zero trust architecture adoption. Cyberattacks on encrypted internet traffic have increased 314%, ransomware has increased 80%, and double extortion attacks have increased roughly 120%. Phishing is also on the rise, with businesses such as finance, government, and retail experiencing yearly increases in assaults of more than 100% in 2021. Organizations must adjust their defenses to real-time risk changes in order to battle growing threats. However, lean IT and security teams are facing security alert fatigue as they become more exposed to real-time attacks, and they frequently lack the resources and capabilities to adequately analyze and respond to the rising amount of threats. Zscaler is tackling these difficulties by offering one-click root cause analysis to rapidly identify the issues causing bad digital experiences, freeing up IT and security teams from debugging and allowing them to focus on preventing attacks. AI-powered security assists IT workers by automating threat detection in order to provide better and quicker protection. “Cybercriminals are using AI, automation, and advanced techniques to train machines to hack or socially engineer victims faster than ever before. To help our customers combat these escalating techniques, we’ve dramatically advanced AI and machine learning in our cloud to take advantage of our massive data pool, giving our customers granular real-time risk visibility and a solution to combat attackers that no other security vendor can provide.” Amit Sinha, President, Zscaler “Delivering seamless digital experiences, from employee devices to the applications they need, goes hand in hand with securing our sensitive business applications and data, no matter where it resides. Zscaler’s integrated cloud platform helped us effortlessly adopt a zero trust architecture, reduce risk, accelerate our digital transformation, and achieve business goals.” said Darren Beattie, Modern Workplace and Security Operations Manager at Auckland New Zealand-headquartered Tower Limited. “With Zscaler’s AI-powered Zero Trust platform based on a SSE framework, we are able to augment and expand the reach of our IT and security team to stop the growing frequency of advanced cyberattacks. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and these new AI capabilities will effectively enable us to see real-time changes in risk, automate our response process, and stay ahead of the attackers,” said Stephen Bailey, Vice President of Information Technology at Cache Creek Casino Resort.

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SentinelOne and Cribl Partner to Deliver Data Flexibility Across Cybersecurity and Observability

Cribl | August 04, 2022

Cribl, the leader in enabling open observability, today announced a new partnership with SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company. The partnership enables SentinelOne customers to leverage Cribl's observability product suite to streamline cybersecurity triage, optimize data collection, and provide security teams control of their data. By integrating Cribl's observability product suite with Singularity XDR, SentinelOne customers can now unlock the value of all observability data. Key benefits include the ability to: 1) Operationalize endpoint and extended detection and response (EDR & XDR) of data sources in joint customer environments, 2) Streamline for triage and investigative functions in the Security Operations Center (SOC), and 3) Progress cybersecurity programs with enhanced threat intelligence, threat hunting, and adversary simulation. "Today's cybersecurity risk levels are increasingly associated with the ability to understand data across enterprise assets. "Our partnership with Cribl helps optimize data collection at scale, enabling security teams to minimize risk and save time." Chuck Fontana, SVP Business Development at SentinelOne "We're excited to partner with the SentinelOne team," said Zac Kilpatrick, VP of Channel and Alliances at Cribl. "To keep up with persistent threats and the ever-changing security landscape, SOC activity must move from reactivity to proactivity. SentinelOne's autonomous and proactive approach to cybersecurity is differentiated in the market and aligns with Cribl's objective of optimizing analytics platform cost and performance." Integration with SentinelOne's Cloud Funnel Cribl's product suite now integrates with SentinelOne's Cloud Funnel, a data subscription enabling XDR data to be stored locally in an enterprise's data lake. This solution works with any data type, such as file, process, DNS, flow, behavioral, registry, commands, scripts, and more. Cloud Funnel's flexibility provides SentinelOne customers the ability to choose which data type they need, optimize it to find the right signal, and route it for maximum efficiency - all at machine speed. Integration with DataSet Cribl Stream now supports SentinelOne's DataSet as a destination to seamlessly route data from legacy log analytics solutions. DevOps and IT teams choose DataSet to analyze data in real-time, effortlessly scale to petabytes, and cost-effectively retain data for longer periods of time for compliance and audit purposes. The new integration enables Cribl customers to pipeline their data to DataSet without changing their data instrumentation, collection, and ingestion. SentinelOne and Cribl will also continue bringing new offerings to market, including integrating Cribl Stream into SentinelOne's Singularity XDR platform. About Cribl Cribl makes open observability a reality for today's tech professionals. The Cribl product suite defies data gravity with radical levels of choice and control. Wherever the data comes from, wherever it needs to go, Cribl delivers the freedom and flexibility to make choices, not compromises. It's enterprise software that doesn't suck, enables tech professionals to do what they need to do, and gives them the ability to say "Yes." With Cribl, companies have the power to control their data, get more out of existing investments, and shape the observability future. Founded in 2017, Cribl is a remote-first company with an office in San Francisco, CA.

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