Through Security Innovation Collaboration and Terranova Security, Organizations Can Create Unified Culture of Cyber Security

Terranova Security | July 28, 2021

The global partner of choice in security awareness training, Terranova Security, has announced a partnership with IT professionals' authority in software security training, Security Innovation. The partnership addresses creating a unified cybersecurity culture through role-based security awareness training, a critical business need for many organizations today.

A unique challenge in creating a robust cybersecurity culture is faced by those managing cybersecurity-related training at organizations. Specific to their roles and responsibilities, Different departments and individuals need security awareness training. This actuality can lead to establishments often using numerous cybersecurity training programs to train their employees, which can upsurge the resources and cost of these efforts and blind spots when it comes to numerous cyber threats.

Around topics such as phishing attempts, email safety, and strong password best practices, knowledge workers naturally need more comprehensive training. Conversely, around what can be done to nullify threats and how technology assets can be targeted, IT staff may require more focused training. However, technical teams like developers can require training in both areas to ensure that they're not only securing software and data but that they're not falling victim to an email phishing attempt.

By asking users to toggle between numerous training programs to receive the essential training, establishments may complicate and discourage employees, leading to a feebler overall cybersecurity culture. 

With Terranova Security and Security Innovation, each organization's offering will be bolstered by more comprehensive content. The first one is recognized for providing best-in-class security awareness training for non-IT staff. The second one is recognized for providing outstanding security awareness training for IT staff. So, the result will be a seamless experience for the customer, both from a platform and a learning perspective.

The partnership will deliver customers and their employee's access to an extensive array of security awareness training. Courses will include:

• Methodologies backed by science
• Hands-on simulations
• The removal of complexity

About Terranova Security

The global security awareness training leader, Terranova Security, was selected by Microsoft as their partner of choice to bring the best in security awareness training content to customers. Successful Terranova Security awareness programs and phishing simulations have provided organizations worldwide with the most multilingual security awareness platform, the highest-quality content, intuitive phishing simulator, and training and communications portfolio in the industry. In addition, organizations continue to leverage the Terranova Security awareness 5-step framework, which provides an evidence-based, step-by-step approach to a successful security awareness program.

About Security Innovation

A pioneer in software security, Security Innovation, has literally written the book on How to Break Software Security. Organizations, since 2002, have relied on the company's training and assessment solutions to protect software wherever it runs.


Information security is increasingly viewed as a material risk to the company that goes far beyond the domain of information technology. Therefore, it follows that organizations should elevate the visibility of dedicated chief information security leaders to facilitate the management of this concern. In this exclusive e-guide, you will learn about the shifting roles of the chief information security officer (CISO) with regards to enterprise data protection, as well as how to extend cyber and cloud security concerns beyond your IT department to permeate all layers of leadership.


Information security is increasingly viewed as a material risk to the company that goes far beyond the domain of information technology. Therefore, it follows that organizations should elevate the visibility of dedicated chief information security leaders to facilitate the management of this concern. In this exclusive e-guide, you will learn about the shifting roles of the chief information security officer (CISO) with regards to enterprise data protection, as well as how to extend cyber and cloud security concerns beyond your IT department to permeate all layers of leadership.

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Cybersixgill's industry-leading, automated threat intelligence is now available on the Swimlane Platform.

Cybersixgill | March 18, 2021

Cybersixgill, the pioneer in danger knowledge enablement, today reported that Darkfeed will be accessible through Swimlane's security robotization stage. Presently, Swimlane users can upgrade their danger research and occurrence response by coordinating noteworthy alerts from the industry's broadest and most comprehensive insight assortment from the profound and dull web. "Accurate and actionable intelligence is the key to successfully scaling cyber security operations," said Ron Shamir, VP products and technology alliances at Cybersixgill. "With Darkfeed, Swimlane users gain access to an automated stream of threat intel that they can tailor to meet the needs of their organization's risk posture and tolerance. This marks the beginning of a growing partnership with Swimlane." Controlled by the broadest computerized assortment from the profound and dim web, Cybersixgill Darkfeed is a feed of malicious indicators of compromise (IOCs), including domains, URLs, hashes and IP addresses. With Darkfeed, IOCs are consequently extricated and conveyed progressively. It is noteworthy, permitting Swimlane customers to get and preemptively block items that undermine their association straightforwardly from the Swimlane stage. "Cybersixgill is a natural partner for us as we continue to help customers identify new ways to automate some of security's most time and resource-intensive processes," said Karen Rhys Wood VP global alliances, at Swimlane. "By integrating Darkfeed directly into Swimlane's extensible security automation platform, which was designed with an automation engine as its core and differentiates our platform from other SOAR solutions out there, security operations teams gain industry-leading threat intelligence while eliminating time consuming, manual tasks." Through this joining, common customers can computerize a response to threats ahead of time by using a superior, mechanized danger insight solution based on the most comprehensive information sources from the profound, dim and surface web. Users will actually want to improve their danger chasing activities and direct profound analysis of malware accessible on the dim web. Likewise, they can clandestinely screen basic assets and priorities, as well as respond to threats straightforwardly from the Swimlane stage.

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RangeForce Talent Assesses Cybersecurity Candidates' Capabilities Accurately

RangeForce | February 23, 2022

RangeForce, a cybersecurity hiring solution that uses real-world hands-on exercises to help security leaders validate and assess candidates' actual abilities, announced RangeForce Talent. This cybersecurity hiring solution uses real-world, hands-on activities to help security leaders validate and evaluate candidates' actual skills. A recent survey says security leaders are still having trouble finding experienced personnel, with 73 percent seeing it as a source of concern. Time-to-hire is another critical consideration. After 12 weeks, 35% of respondents said positions were still empty. Meanwhile, cybersecurity recruiting managers must make educated estimates about whether individuals will be a good fit for their team based on resumes and credentials, making it impossible to confirm their true abilities. RangeForce Talent enables security leaders and HR professionals to adopt hiring techniques that can cut through preconceptions and biases and find neglected individuals for sourcing top cyber talent. “RangeForce Talent empowers security leaders to demystify the talent search and evaluation so they can hire with increased speed, precision, and confidence, With hands-on assessments and interactive environments that reflect the real world, RangeForce Talent equips hiring managers with rich, skill-based insights. It also enables organizations to identify promising internal prospects for cybersecurity positions.” Jeff Orloff, Vice President of Product at RangeForce RangeForce Talent allows organizations to assess job applicants' skills against critical frameworks such as NIST/NICE and MITRE ATT&CK with realistic challenges that cover a variety of threats using leading security tools in emulated environments that mirror existing IT infrastructure using an extensive library of content. How does it work? RangeForce Talent gives the data-driven insights needed to expedite hiring decisions while avoiding time-consuming and ineffective second-stage interviews. Hiring managers can use automated tests to evaluate candidates at scale and find qualified prospects before scheduling interviews. In addition, hiring managers can utilize the platform to construct evaluations tailored to each position and provide reports that summarise vital performance data as attempts, suggestions or solutions used, and time to finish.

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Cynalytica Delivers New Solution to Help Combat Cyber Threats to Maritime Navigation and Communication Systems

Cynalytica | September 20, 2021

Cynalytica Inc. announces its SerialGuard AnalytICS Platform now offers monitoring, deep packet inspection (DPI) support, and intrusion detection for legacy NMEA protocols. Its latest extension provides enhanced situational awareness and security to vulnerable maritime Industrial Control Systems (ICS) through NMEA-specific packet evaluations, analysis, and intrusion detection capabilities. "In addition to the serious threats posed to their OT network, one of the maritime industry's biggest security challenges today is the protection of their navigation and communications systems from persistent cyber threats. Vessels are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks that can cause GPS interference and spoofing, AIS spoofing, bridge-to-bridge communications spoofing, and other communications jamming which can have catastrophic kinetic consequences," explains Richard Robinson, CEO of Cynalytica. "Distressingly, many of these navigation and communication instruments rely on NMEA 0183 serial protocols, which do not have authentication, encryption, or validation capabilities. They also lack a sufficient level of real-time visibility and data validation capabilities that would help detect such attacks. These security limitations make the NMEA-connected devices exceptionally susceptible to hackers, and the consequences could prove adverse." With the SerialGuard® AnalytICS Platform, the maritime industry can now help address critical vulnerabilities within their NMEA-connected instruments and other serial-connected control systems simultaneously. The extended capabilities will provide maritime operators with an unprecedented level of visibility into NMEA-connected devices while empowering them to baseline communications, accurately monitor behavioral patterns, and create alert rulesets to detect cyber attacks and misconfigurations quickly." Designed to protect serial-connected ICS, the SerialGuard® AnalytICS Platform is a fully-passive and fail-safe monitoring and intrusion detection system (IDS) that brings real-time visibility to high-risk assets. The platform consists of the SerialGuard® sensor that passively taps serial communications, combined with Cynalytica's AnalytICS Engine – a monitoring and intrusion detection system, and data validation tool that enables operators to baseline normal operations and create alert rulesets to detect anomalous behavior. The SerialGuard AnalytICS Platform is easily deployed across most maritime industries including naval vessels, passenger ships, container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, ports, and many more. About Cynalytica Cynalytica, Inc. combines a diverse set of industry expertise with decades of applied research and development experience to deliver pioneering cybersecurity and machine analytics technologies that help protect critical national infrastructure, securely enable Industry 4.0 and help industries accelerate their digital transformation objectives.

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