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Vulcan Cyber to Introduce Risk Scoring Platform for Businesses

The only risk remediation platform of developers of the industry, Vulcan Cyber®, has announced a new for IT security organizations to measure risk compliance through IT asset health scores across logical business groupings. For the first time, this enables enterprise cybersecurity teams to track remediation progress against prioritized risks to measure business risk against customizable security compliance KPIs.  This will help businesses protect themselves from various exploits such as ransomware attacks and data breaches.

Other approaches lack many aspects in vulnerability risk prioritization and often only the risks at the individual, atomic, and asset levels. Customers of Vulcan Cyber now benefit from the ability to control custom risk parameters and improved vulnerability prioritizing scores weighted with industry asset data. These newest additions to the Vulcan Cyber risk model improve the industry's only threat remediation orchestration platform and are an indispensable second step after susceptibility scanning.

Practically all subjugated vulnerabilities are known by IT and security teams in advance; they are exploited at the occurrence. As a result, the windows for vulnerability remediation presently span much time giving bad actors an intolerable amount of time to abuse businesses with significantly less capacity to protect themselves.

Vulcan Cyber helps get the proper remedies to the right people, prioritize vulnerabilities, automate remediation tasks at scale, integrate with dozens of best-of-breed tools, and measure risk across the complete process to get it fixed finally.

About Vulcan Cyber

Vulcan Cyber developed the industry's first vulnerability remediation orchestration platform, which was built to help various businesses reduce the online threat risks using application security and measurable cloud. By curating and delivering the best remedies, prioritizing vulnerabilities, and automating processes and fixes via the last mile of remediation, the platform of Vulcan orchestrates and tracks the remediation lifespan from scan to fix. Vulcan Cyber platform’s unique capability has garnered Vulcan Cyber recognitions.



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