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WafCharm Provides Breakthrough Automation of AWS WAF, Enhancing Cybersecurity for Businesses Amidst Ongoing Global Attacks

Cyber Security Cloud Inc. (CSC), the world’s leading innovator in cyber threat intelligence and AI-driven web security, announced today that its WafCharm service fully manages AWS WAF operations and automatically optimizes rules for AWS WAF to assist in addressing web-related cyber attacks against business and critical government infrastructure, which are increasing globally. WafCharm is the only service on the market that builds, tests, and tunes AWS WAF rules automatically and continuously defends against zero-day threats.

While WafCharm protects against the OWASP 10 — the most critical web application security risks — it also automatically implements new rules in reaction to zero-day vulnerabilities found by CSC’s top threat intelligence team, Cyhorus.

CSC CEO Toshihiro Koike said, “As the need for web security grows globally, managing WAF with high accuracy has become a critical problem for many enterprises and web service providers.” WafCharm, our product, is an innovative solution that allows anybody to effortlessly and safely protect their web services. Companies should focus on innovation and value creation without having to worry about WAF rule management. We are happy to reach out to those who want to minimize expenses and effort while maintaining security accuracy to protect their environments better.”

About Cyber Security Cloud Inc.

The mission of the Cyber Security Cloud is to provide safe cyberspace for people all around the world to use. CSC provides web application security services in over 70 countries, using the most effective cyber threat intelligence and AI-driven security technology available. As one of the world’s few Amazon Web Services (AWS) WAF Managed Rules Sellers certified by AWS — the cloud giant that controls almost half of the global cloud market — CSC optimizes and automates rules best suited to each customer’s AWS deployments as new cyber threats arise. CSC also offers a scalable WAF solution for Microsoft Azure and other clouds. CSC, a global leader in cybersecurity, continues to develop and refine award-winning technologies and security solutions that contribute to the information revolution.



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