Knock, Knock! Who’s There. Finding Out Who’s Really on the Other End of that Password


As businesses settle into a hybrid world of on-prem, public cloud, private cloud infrastructure with security delivered as a service and all of this overlaid with the concept to Zero Trust, what is left?

Companies will have the data they are trying to protect and the identity of the user trying to access something. As life on the Net continues to develop, people are going to have multiple identities that will merge into a single identity with multiple profiles (work, play, family etc) while businesses continue to push multi-factor authentication and eventually password-less access. The great question is how do manage things between now and then?

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Discover how a new generation of workers, mobile computing, and cloud transformation is impacting modern businesses
  • Understand how access anywhere has changed the network perimeter and security
  • Identify what CISOs must manage and work with to ensure a strong security posture
  • Understand the challenges created by digital transformation, business demands, and the threat environment
  • Identify the steps to Zero Trust and the evolution to Passwordless – reliable identity is the key to security

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