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James Nadal

James excels as a journalist, possessing a unique and admirable skill set for cultivating and sustaining robust, enduring professional connections. Esteemed in both the workplace and among his contacts, he demonstrates the capacity to decipher intricate issues and address them with insightful and, when needed, tactful consideration.



Osirium safeguards against potential threats to Privileged Accounts by maintaining a distinct separation between individuals and passwords. Privileged passwords are securely managed through Enterprise Class Password Life Cycle Management, ensuring they never interface with any workstation. By implementing Privileged Task Automation, we can establish a least privileged model, eliminating the necessity for direct system access. Additionally, the inclusion of Session Recording enables you to track and review user actions, providing insight into the who, what, where, and when of system activities.

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Ashwin Pal

Director Cyber Security | Asia Pacific

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Jessie Hope

Writer and Blogger