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Tarique Hussain

With 13+ years of experience in the network operation sector, Tarique is an experienced and certified IT professional. He has been a key associate in delivering global and multinational projects in the field of Information Security. He possesses strong analytical skills with knowledge in Agile project management and service delivery. He follows closely the latest trends and development in the Information Technology domain and provides valuable feedback. He is an ardent cricket fan and loves to read in his pastime.


Siemens Technology

Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd in India is the legal entity that holds together top-notch R&D units of Siemens in India including Siemens Advanta Development India, Siemens Technology Research, and Siemens Technology Intellectual Property. Together we continue Siemens’ legacy of paving the way for the future by envisioning and developing advanced technology solutions for digitalization, automation, and electrification for the world around us.

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