How One Leading Insurer Reduced Loss Expectancy By Millions


By leveraging sophisticated digital identity capabilities, a top 10 life insurance company was able to see a multi-million-dollar decrease in loss expectancy and a 50% reduction in manual review.

The information-laden life insurance onboarding process can be tedious for new policyholders. It’s also a prime opportunity for fraudsters to garner valuable personal information that can put both clients and your company at risk. However, there are ways you can improve your digital experience to protect your policyholders and organization.

Download this case study and learn how a leading carrier reduced onboarding friction and loss expectancy. Topics covered include:

  • An overview of the situation and challenges of managing fraud while elevating the customer experience
  • Details on how the right digital identity platform helped them increase fraud capture rates and lower the need for manual review by 50%
  • Tips for how your organization can also reduce onboarding friction and detect identity-related fraudulent behavior easily and seamlessly

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