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By now, social media has clearly established itself as a dominant force in our lives: Nearly three-quarters of adults who go online use a social network of some kind. More than two of five use multiple social network sites. As a result, cyber criminals are flocking to these sites to trigger attacks, targeting users and organizations. In fact, one-third of data breaches originate via social networks, and companies suffer an average of $5.4 million per attack. [1] Still only 36 percent have instituted the bare minimum of social media training for employees and even fewer have active Social Risk Management programs. [2] Employees are directly in the crosshairs and the “Anatomy of an Enterprise Social Cyber Attack” serves as an introduction to the attack methodologies of adversaries. Through the following tactics, seven in ten individuals fall prey to a cyber attack – putting their employer organizations at risk in the process. Here’s what you need to safeguard against. DOWNLOAD