Information.Report: Your business is at risk from a spear-phishing attack.

Your Business is at Risk from a Spear-phishing Attack.

See how it will take place – step by step.

A spear-phishing attack could bring your company to its knees – today. For all you know, you may already be under attack. That could result in a data breach that lands your company in the glare of the news cameras – and in hot water with your customers, partners and investors.
This whitepaper, Countdown to Compromise: The Timeline of a Spear-Phishing Attack on Your Organization, shows you exactly what happens in the days before, during and after an attack. You’ll get:

  • An inside look at how attackers steal credentials, customer data and intellectual property
  • A timeline of how the attack will play out
  • Details of mistakes made and vulnerabilities exposed
  • Ideas for how to prepare your employees and systems

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