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Nation-State Attacks Take 500% Longer to Find

April 12, 2018 / Tara Seals

When it comes to threats that put your business at risk, gaining visibility into attacks remains a challenge. New research shows that in 50% of cases over the past 12 months, organizations had insufficient endpoint or network visibility to respond successfully. According to cybersecurity specialist Secureworks’ Incident Response Insights Report, which is based on the analysis of real-world attacks, there has been increasing complexity when it comes to nation-state efforts. As a result, these take 500% longer to find. Meanwhile, the top three industries most impacted by targeted cyber-threats were manufacturing, technology and government. On average, these targeted threats remained undetected in an organization’s IT networks for 380 days. In fact, Incident Response responders frequently encountered threat actors who had access to compromised environments for months, sometimes even years.