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Businesses not ready for network implications of cloud native architecture

May 04, 2018 / Cliff Saran

Composable applications can be built from connecting microservices that run in their own containers. This cloud-first approach requires a new approach to networking. The next iteration for cloud computing, Cloud 2.0, promises to deliver a flexible IT architecture where applications are built out of microservices running in containers, all orchestrated through Kubernetes. But containerised microservices need full network support, and this presents a massive overhead for DevOps, delegates attending the Cloud Native Computing Forum (CNCF) conference in Copenhagen were warned this week. In a keynote presentation, Lew Tucker, CTO for cloud computing at Cisco, said: “We are rethinking networking for microservices. Distributed computing is not very easy. It is complex because microservices need to communicate.” The challenge facing users of container technology is that a container running a microservice has a network IP address, which needs network management. The IP address is us...