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Hackers in China are part of massive government group, report says

May 07, 2018 / ZOEY CHON

Hacks that were previously thought to be the work of unrelated groups have actually been coordinated by China since at least 2009, according to researchers. There's a Chinese proverb that roughly translates to "One chopstick is easily broken, but a bundle of chopsticks is unbreakable." Multiple hacking groups in China previously thought to be individual actors are actually part of a larger, long-running, state-sponsored umbrella group, according to threat research group 401TRG at Denver-based security company ProtectWise. The larger group, which 401TRG dubbed the Winnti umbrella, is an "advanced and potent threat" with a primary long-term mission that is politically focused, the researchers warn in a report released last week. Winnti refers to a "custom backdoor used by groups under the umbrella," 401TRG said in its report. Hacking activities are not uncharted waters for China. According to a report earlier this year from security company Recorded Futu...