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CSIT Announces Jobs Boost for Cybersecurity Industry

May 09, 2018 / Michael Hill

At CSIT’s eighth Annual World Cyber Security Summit it was announced that 10 new research and engineering jobs are being created at Queen’s University Belfast to meet the demands of new contracts and the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry in Northern Ireland. CSIT, the UK’s lead university center for commercialization of cybersecurity research, is housed at Queen’s University’s Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology, and was recently selected by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport to partner with Plexal and Deloitte to deliver a £13.5m cyber-innovation center in London. The announced jobs range from graduate level to principal engineer and will focus on creating industry-viable products to reduce cyber-attacks and make networks more resilient. Speaking at the event, director of CSIT Dr Godfrey Gaston said: “The cybersecurity industry in Northern Ireland is growing rapidly and we are pleased to...