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Georgia governor vetoes controversial cybersecurity bill

May 11, 2018 / Madelyn Bacon

A controversial cybersecurity bill was vetoed by Georgia's governor this week after pressure from Microsoft and Google. Plus, IBM banned USB drives, and more. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed a cybersecurity bill this week that would have criminalized unauthorized computer access but granted exceptions for "hacking back." Senate Bill 315 was passed Georgia's General Assembly in April, and it received the attention of critics who said the cybersecurity bill would enable private companies to hack into other networks. Executives from Google and Microsoft also expressed opposition to the bill because a provision would grant exceptions for "active defense measures" that would make it more difficult to secure enterprise systems. "Georgia codifying this concept in its criminal code is potentially a grave step that has some known and many unknown ramifications for technology companies, the tech community at large, and any company with a computer network,&quo...