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Crypto-Mining Malware Tops Most Wanted List

May 14, 2018 / Michael Hill

Cybercriminals have options when it comes to choosing their attack weapons, which is why malware authors are likely grateful to those criminals who choose to target unpatched server vulnerabilities with crypto-mining malware. According to the latest Global Threat Index published today by Check Point, targeting known vulnerabilities with crypto-mining malware dominated the threat landscape for the fourth consecutive month. Researchers analyzed threat data from a network of sensors and millions of data points across the globe and saw a trend in cyber-criminals targeting known vulnerabilities even though patches have been available for at least six months. The Top Ten Most Wanted Malware Index for April 2018 lists the most wanted crypto-mining malware, the most wanted mobile malware, and the most wanted vulnerabilities. According to a Check Point researcher team blog post, cyber-crooks around the world are honing in on two particular vulnerabilities – one in Microsoft Windows Server...