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Airports Ill-Equipped to Deal with Major Cyber-Attacks

May 16, 2018 / Michael Hill

Airports are ill-equipped to deal with a major cyber-attack, according to new research from PA Consulting Group. The firm’s report Overcome the Silent Threat, based on in-depth analysis and interviews with four major international airports, outlines how the emergence of a hyper-connected model – where passengers in airports want fast internet and digital engagement with airlines and retailers – is increasing the cyber-risks airports face and creating more opportunities for cyber-criminals to exploit. “Over recent years, the number of airport-related cyber threats has grown significantly. The damage caused by these successful threats confirms the need to address cybersecurity,” the report reads. PA Consulting Group cited the following as trends that are increasing airports’ susceptibility to cyber-attacks: increased technology usage, hyper-connectivity, data-sharing obligations, customer centricity, IT/IoT towers, remote towers and airports as mega hu...