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IBM Enhances MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management Platform

June 05, 2018 / Sean Michael Kerne

IBM adds a new policy recommendation engine to its MaaS360 unified endpoint management platform to help improve security configurations and compliance. IBM announced on June 4 that it is adding a pair of new capabilities to its MaaS360 with Watson unified endpoint management (UEM) platform. The new features include a policy recommendation engine that provides enterprise administrators with best practices and suggested configurations for endpoint security. In addition, MaaS360 with Watson is being updated with a new business dashboard for apps that provides insight into application performance and usage patterns. "It is common practice for leading vendors to supply IT and security leaders with basic policy configuration templates, and MaaS360 was no different," Imtiaz Bellary, offering manager for MaaS360 at IBM Security, told eWEEK. "It became clear that canned templates were not good enough." MaaS360 with Watson provides UEM capabilities that enable organizations to monitor and manage both wired and wireless devices. IBM has been enhancing MaaS360 with Watson cognitive insights since March 2017. Bellary said that in the new update, adding cognitive abilities that integrate IT inputs and community benchmarking allows for contextually based policy recommendations, which are created in real time. “We know the biggest benefit will be existing customers who are looking to compare their current policies with community-recommended ones in order to verify they are following best practices," Bellary said. "New customers who are migrating from competitive solutions will also find immediate benefit as it is often a hurdle to configure new policies."