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New WPA3 security protocol simplifies logins, secures IoT

June 26, 2018 / Peter Loshin

Latest WPA3 security protocol update adds new features to the Wi-Fi access specification for simple and secure wireless access for individuals, as well as enterprises. Securing Wi-Fi access has long been an Achilles' heel for users of wireless networks -- especially for users of public networks, as well as for internet of things devices -- but help is on the way. Wi-Fi Alliance, the nonprofit industry group that promotes use of Wi-Fi, has begun certifying products supporting the latest version of its security protocol, the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) specification, WPA3. The new WPA3 security protocol is intended to simplify wireless authentication, especially for IoT devices, while at the same time improving security through the inclusion of new features and removal of legacy cryptographic and security protocols. The WPA3 security protocol, announced in January, gives enterprises and individuals a better option for securing access to Wi-Fi networks. Support for WPA2 continues to ...