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How to WPA3 Can Boost Your Organization's Wireless Security

June 28, 2018 / Wayne Rash

The Wi-Fi Alliance began certifying products for WPA3 this week, which will lead to wireless communications that are easier to set up and are more secure. he Wi-Fi Alliance has begun certifying wireless devices that meet the new WPA3 standard in a move that will make wireless communications more secure and easier to manage, but it’ll be awhile before you can incorporate the new standard into your organization’s network. However, you can buy devices that are able to be upgraded to WPA3, and you can begin planning for the transition. The transition will be fairly straightforward, although for many installations it’ll mean having to buy new access hardware. At this point, only Cisco has said that current systems will be updated to support WPA3. “Cisco is committed to integrating WPA3 features into our Aironet Access Points and Wireless Controllers via a firmware upgrade so that our existing and new customers can take advantage of the capabilities offered by WPA3,&r...