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Cloud Daddy enters AWS data protection fray

July 05, 2018 / Paul Crocetti

Cloud Daddy's Secure Backup offers five levels of protection. The new company has jumped into a growing and necessary market of AWS data backup, recovery and security. A recently launched startup hopes it can be a protective father to Amazon Web Services data. Cloud Daddy, with its Secure Backup product, provides data protection, security and infrastructure management. Those three elements "go hand in hand," said Joe Merces, founder and CEO of Cloud Daddy. "Backup is not enough," Merces said. While organizations are migrating more workloads to the AWS cloud, many don't understand Amazon's shared responsibility model and limited data protection and security. "You have to have those backups," said Edwin Yuen, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. AWS hasn't been pushing backup as much as its public cloud rivals Microsoft Azure (with its own services) and Google Cloud Platform (through partners), Yuen said. "They've left that t...