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Metro's Cybersecurity Audit Kept Classified

July 09, 2018 / Kacy Zurkus

Officials at Washington D.C.’s Metro, the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, said that while they are not publicly sharing the results of a recent internal cybersecurity audit, they intend to improve their cybersecurity strategies after the results revealed that the agency is vulnerable to attacks. Infosecurity Magazine contacted Metro who has yet to return our call. In a statement, Metro Inspector General Geoffrey A. Cherrington said, “By its nature, such an audit in the wrong hands could expose vulnerabilities and thereby undermine our shared goal of making [Metro’s] IT environment even more secure. For that reason, we have made an exception to our standard practice of posting audits to our website, and this one will be withheld from release.” The audit was reportedly conducted behind closed doors by Metro’s board of directors in late June, and the results remain classified in order to help prevent any future attacks should malicious actors try to expl...