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Optiv Security Launches Privileged Access Managed Service

July 16, 2018 / Sean Michael Kerner

Optiv Security is now providing a service that manages an organization's new or existing CyberArk privileged access account deployments. Optiv Security announced its Privileged Access Managed Service on July 16, which benefits from a technology integration with privileged access security vendor CyberArk. The new service pairs CyberArk's technology with Optiv's cyber-security management platform, providing an overall approach to help organizations manage and secure privileged access management. Optiv will manage customers' existing CyberArk deployments or help them deploy a new one, integrating the platform's capabilities with a broad set of cyber-security services. "The long-term benefit is, as we continue to build and mature the system, we provide the ability to really run a customer's full identity infrastructure, with CyberArk as one of the key pieces," Bryan Wiese, vice president of advisory services at Optiv, told eWEEK. Customers will have in the...