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US Adults Don't Know Cybersecurity Career Options

July 23, 2018 / Kacy Zurkus

When it comes to cybersecurity careers, adults in the US reportedly don’t know the various job opportunities available in the field, despite the growing demand for professionals to fill the enormous skills gap. According to a new survey from the University of Phoenix, US adults are not familiar with certain cybersecurity jobs, and the majority have never considered a career in the field. Most are unfamiliar with what cybersecurity professionals do and the education it takes to work in the field. Conducted online between 26 April and 10 May 2018 by the Harris Poll, the survey included 2,000 US adults over the age of 18. Of the total participants in the survey, 859 said that they have been hacked in the past three years. The survey examined US adults’ perceptions of different aspects of cybersecurity, including career familiarity, gender disparity and workplace readiness. Only about one in 10 respondents was very familiar with the 11 different cybersecurity job titles present...