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Google seeks enterprise nod with GCP services in IoT, security

July 26, 2018 / Trevor Jones

Google continues to make strides to catch AWS and Microsoft Azure with upgrades around edge computing and security but won't unseat either competitor any time soon. A raft of upgrades this week beef up Google's public cloud, but will they be enough to move the platform dramatically closer to its biggest competitors in the eyes of enterprises? Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has steadily progressed in recent years as a viable public cloud alternative to AWS and Microsoft Azure. The company continues to flesh out that strategy here at the Google Cloud Next user conference with additional GCP services, many still in early preview, around hybrid cloud, security, machine learning, analytics, and edge and serverless computing. Now, Google must prove those investments are enough to win over enterprise users. IoT and edge hardware stack expands. One of the biggest pushes from Google is in edge devices and IoT, a weak spot for all the major cloud providers, since these workloads require com...