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IBM Brings AI Chatbot to MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management Security

July 30, 2018 / Sean Michael Kerner

Voice and text chat capabilities are coming to IBM's MaaS360, providing organizations with easier ways to get information. IBM announced on July 30 that it is adding new artificial intelligence-powered chatbot capabilities to its MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) security platform. The new MaaS360 Assistant is a chatbot that works over both text chat and voice. It enables users to make natural language queries to find emails, discover documents and schedule meetings, among other capabilities. "IBM MaaS360 has invested in building AI functionality including natural language understanding and classification within the MaaS360 cloud, eliminating the need for data to be transferred to a third party for processing," Imtiazuddin Bellary, offering manager for MaaS360 at IBM Security, told eWEEK. "This enables MaaS360 to maintain data privacy for customers and their users." The voice capability in MaaS360 Assistant does not come from IBM Watson, which helps to e...