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Ironscales Launches Themis Virtual Assistant to Improve Email Security

August 01, 2018 / Sean Michael Kerner

Ironscales is looking to mimic the analytical capabilities of human security analysts to help organizations automatically identify and remediate phishing attacks. Email security firm Ironscales announced its Themis artificial intelligence powered security assistant technology on Aug. 1, providing organizations with new capabilities to defend against phishing attacks. With Themis, Ironscales is looking to mimic the capabilities and analytical processes of a human security analyst to identify phishing emails that are able to bypass the company's IronTraps incident response platform. Themis is powered by machine learning algorithms that were trained on multiple years of decisions from the Ironscales Federation peer-to-peer phishing intelligence module. "The platform that we built at Ironscales from the beginning was designed with the concept of detecting and responding to phishing attacks that were already hitting employee inboxes," Eyal Benishti, Ironscales’ founder a...