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Black Hat 2018 survey: Cybersecurity staffing, budgets still lacking

August 02, 2018 / Rob Wright

According to a survey of Black Hat 2018 attendees, organizations are still struggling with insufficient cybersecurity staff and budgets to meet the current and emerging threats. Attendees for next week's 2018 Black Hat USA conference said they are still facing significant challenges when it comes to cybersecurity staffing and budgets. According to the 2018 Black Hat USA Attendee Survey, which was conducted in May with 315 infosec professionals, a majority of respondents said they don't have "the staffing or budget to defend adequately against current and emerging threats." Sixty-five percent of infosec professionals said they do not have enough qualified staff members to deal with potential threats; this is the fourth consecutive year, according to the study, that approximately two-thirds of respondents believed they had inadequate staff. In addition, 66% of respondents said they do not possess enough skills and training to perform all of the job functions required of...