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BHUSA The Value of Skills, Education and Experience in Information Security Hiring

August 09, 2018 / Dan Raywood

In a panel entitled “Winning the Information Security Job Hunt” at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, moderator Kelly Sheridan from Dark Reading asked panelists Dawn-Marie Hutchinson, executive director and executive advisory at Optiv, and Drew Fearson, head of daily operations at NinjaJobs, about whether there is a skills shortage and what is in the highest demand. Fearson said the discussion around the skills shortage is interesting as there is a shortage in some countries and some markets, “but it is not as crazy as it is meant to be.” “There wouldn’t be any shortage if folks were allowed to work remotely,” Fearson said, citing an example of two jobs where the one with a remote working option had 74 applications and one that required working on site in Ohio had no applications. Hutchinson said, “It is hard to be a security leader and not be in the office, and if you’re not willing to relocate you’re going to have a prob...