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Hacker Gets a Hole in One with PGA Servers

August 09, 2018 / Kacy Zurkus

While the 100th PGA of America tournament is under way at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, Missouri, it is unclear whether PGA has had access to its servers returned after it was struck with a ransomware attack earlier this week, according to news from Golfweek. Members of the PGA staff allegedly discovered the attack Tuesday morning when they received a message stating that their network had been hijacked and all files had been encrypted. Golfweek reported that an attacker used malware to lock down official files and then demanded Bitcoin payments be sent to a specified wallet number. The messages to the victims reportedly stated that efforts to decrypt the files “may lead to the impossibility of recovery of certain files.” Infosecurity Magazine contacted PGA, and a media spokesperson said that they have no comment at this time, but an anonymous source told Golfweek that PGA did not intend to pay the ransom. It was also reported that as of Wednesday, 8 August, PGA offi...