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Injunction to Secure Georgia Elections Denied

September 18, 2018 / Kacy Zurkus

A request for a preliminary injunction in the Georgia election security lawsuit was denied by a federal judge late last night. The plaintiffs, who have long been battling to have the state switch to using paper ballots, had their request denied by US District Judge Amy Totenberg. In a 46-page order, Totenberg ruled against switching to paper ballots for the November election, but the court wrote frankly about the flaws of state officials and Georgia’s election systems. “While Plaintiff’s motions for preliminary injunction...are DENIED, the Court advises the Defendants that further delay is not tolerable in their confronting and tackling the challenges before the State’s election balloting system,” Totenberg wrote in the order. She added that testimony and evidence “indicated that the Defendants and State election officials had buried their heads in the sand.”