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Malicious Login Attempts Spike in Finance, Retail

September 20, 2018 / Kacy Zurkus

The new 2018 State of the Internet/Security Credential Stuffing Attacks report is out, and according to the report publisher, Akamai, worldwide malicious login attempts are on the rise. Analyzing data gathered from its Intelligent Platform and attack data from across the company's global infrastructure, researchers found approximately 3.2 billion malicious logins per month from January through April 2018. In addition, 2018 has seen 1.4 million compromised usernames and passwords. Botnets caused a monthly average increase of 30% between May and June 2018. During those two months, researchers detected over 8.3 billion malicious login attempts from bots. The report clarifies that not all bots are bad, but credential-stuffing botnets are particularly malicious as the goals of credential-stuffing bots are to assume identity, collect information and steal money or goods.