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Endgame Improves Endpoint Security With Total Attack Lookback

October 31, 2018 / Sean Michael Kerner

Endgame announced on Oct. 31 that it is launching Total Attack Lookback, a capability that enables organizations to look back through 120 days of forensic information. The forensic information that Endgame stores includes multiple types of operating system events such as file, process and network events. The forensic data can be used to help identify assets and users that might be impacted by a given attack path. "Endgame knows that although many people like to claim it, prevention is not perfect," Jamie Butler, chief technology officer at Endgame, told eWEEK.  "It is critical to have an ability to look back in time, at least as far back as the mean time to detect and do so in a way where the customer can control where their data lives."