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The Biggest Cyber Threats to Watch Out for in 2019

November 13, 2018 / securitymagazine

Experts from The Chertoff Group, a global security advisory firm that enables clients to navigate changes in security risk, technology and policy, developed a list of the biggest cyber threats to watch out for in 2019. Cryptojacking. If the recent and explosive growth of ransomware is an indication of anything, it is that criminal organizations will continue to employ malware for profit. Cryptojacking, otherwise known as “Cryptomining malware”, uses both invasive methods of initial access, and drive-by scripts on websites, to steal resources from unsuspecting victims. Cryptojacking is a quieter, more insidious means of profit affecting endpoints, mobile devices, and servers: it runs in the background, quietly stealing spare machine resources to make greater profits for less risk. Due to its ease of deployment, low-risk profile, and profitability TCG posits that this trend will continue to increase in 2019.