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GreatHorn Expands Email Security Platform

November 15, 2018 / Kevin Townsend

Waltham, MA-based GreatHorn has expanded its machine-learning phishing protection system into a complete email security platform. "This major new expansion of the Company's flagship solution," it announced on November 14, "addresses every potential stage of a phishing attack with integrated threat detection, protection, defense, and incident response." "We believe that email is the most critical business communication system in existence, and that requires best-in-class protection," explains GreatHorn's CEO and co-founder Kevin O'Brien, "not just a small point solution, plug-in or add-on." Four new modules have been added to the existing product: imposter protection (which offers protection against attacks via spoofed and look-alike domains, and business email compromise -- BEC  -- attacks); link protection (which includes automated URL sandboxing to protect against link-based credential theft); attachment protection (including f...