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NSA Exploits Not Silent but Eternally Problematic

November 29, 2018 / Kacy Zurkus

It’s been over a year since patches to protect against the leaked NSA exploits were released, yet Akamai has published research revealing the continued use of the Eternal family of exploits with evidence of a new version of the UPnProxy vulnerability targeting unpatched computers behind the router’s firewall. In a new and widely distributed campaign, a family of injections dubbed EternalSilence has been leveraging the Eternal family of exploits. According to the research, exploiting the vulnerability allows attackers to burrow through the router, infecting individual computers on the network. The UPnProxy vulnerability affords attackers deeper insight into the devices they can target while strengthening the malicious network. Researchers discovered more than 45,000 devices have been compromised, which is estimated at over a million computers waiting for commands, but they have not been able to gain insight into what happens post-injection.